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Welcome to the new groups-universe. As you are a impotant part of the good old Guild #deutsch, dear @twinner, I always follow you and of course your new Community too. I'm in and have already spend my first vote into this new group.

Your thoughts about the new Moon in the Steem-sky are quite reasonable and near to my own thoughts. TRX comes along like a real shitcoin. But it seems, its project Tron has a attended standing in the cryptpscene. But I would never, never change my STEEM into any TRX. Oh never! The STEEM is a gem like its blockchain. I would never leave my stake into other fingers than mine!
Thank you for your statement.


After 20 years of Java I installed a C++ IDE again and downloaded the steemd code from github. I coded C++ for 5 years in my first job, so I hope it won't be that bad if the core devs leave us. And behind the scenes there are several OG's in "Hab acht" position. So if the moon wants to bust our balls, it's gonna be a fun party.


Glad to read you! Great news, @twinner. Specially the part with the balls of the Steembulls is great and any celebration of a party is fun pure.


The only thing I dream about is as follows:

Justin is a wizard and will lift the mcap of steem to the mcap of tron.



I have to lookup the mcap of Tron. Hold on…
$1.346.238.903 USD. holy shit!
78.078.359 USD is STEEM plus 5.740.561 USD in SBD. Poor blockchain.
But we must not get blind by USD. You know how fast the invests are, on every blockchain, even the Bitcoin. We have still 13 weeks, don't forget. Our invests are first quality-invests, dear freiheit50.

subscribed! because the openminded way of thinking is never a bad thing. Good to hear your ideas out in the open!

Thanks for sharing this! Things are going quite complicate now. At the moment, I don't spend too much time on steemit. Nevertheless I'm going to vote, read, and comment articles of my favourite mates. And I constantly increase my SP from the rewards. Unfortunaltely I am currently missing inspiration for writing own posts.
Without having too much detailed information I believe the purchase of by Justin isn't a bad thing. The journey will go on in the right direction. This my gut feeling is telling me.
I'd like to meet you and some other well known guys again in March here in Munich.
See you, mate, and have a nice Fasching!



Yes, let's make a meetup again. Fun fact, yesterday I searched for TRON Meetups on to visit them with our crew and I'd found: 0 Zero Nothing Nada. Funny times ahead :-)


but you will find one more Steem Meetup on in a few hours!

cheers and thx for your statement after the sale
hope you like a little bit of !BEER 🤠


Hey @twinner, here is a little bit of BEER from @reiseamateur for you. Enjoy it!

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In this new experimental era of blockchain tech and paid social media, we are still debating about how to improve the system after years already, what a volatile situation, with massive FUD. SO it will test the faith brothers and sisters, in the steem blockchain. Faith in the management has crumbled it seems a while ago already.

Hey this is still the pioneering years so those with inherent optimism will keep the faith, while others will be shaken out.


Exactly Julian, these are still the early stages. We've already seen some changes and we'll see some more. In any case there is finally some life in the house again :-)

Great to read from you again! Thank you very much!
The Top or Flop Community is an excellent idea! Subscribed!

Your vision of a neutral steem only for the witnesses, who are producing blocks would be a 180 degree turn to the status quo. Hmm . . . renting RC to authors, who urgently need RC to function properly would be very helpful though. On the other hand those authors probably will also have very few SMT tokens for paying the rent . . . I do not know if this kind of compensation for SP holders would work out for both sides. But in any case, it is worth discussing!

I totally agree that forking the chain is a bad idea. A fight between the steem witnesses and JS would in my opinion be exactly the opposite what we want to achieve.

Es ist und bleibt spannend.


Hi Peter,

I try to answer in english, for the audience.

Your vision of a neutral steem only for the witnesses, who are producing blocks would be a 180 degree turn to the status quo. Hmm . . . renting RC to authors, who urgently need RC to function properly would be very helpful though. On the other hand those authors probably will also have very few SMT tokens for paying the rent . . . I do not know if this kind of compensation for SP holders would work out for both sides. But in any case, it is worth discussing!

Because of the basic Resource Credits (RC) problem. Even if the chain scales, it's throughput is still limited somewhere. If every human on earth has a cat, not every human will be able to make one post per day with the picture of his cat. The chain can't lift this from the volume.

My vision is that different projects will compete for the RC resources of the chain. Among them are blogging platforms that provide their good authors with RC by delegation. I envision portals where new authors can introduce themselves and apply off-chain, and the good ones get an account with RC.

But these will compete with the games (and other applications). As a game grows, it will consume even more RC. New players will hardly buy SP, so profitable games will either have to buy SP or rent RC to provide their new players with RC.

This is where renting RC comes into play. Brand new are the Delegation Pools.

Something like the former minnowbooster or smartsteem, you delegate SP/RC to a pool-account, and this pool-account delegates the RC to the buyer. The pool can then distribute the rental income to the delegates. So from the point of view of the SteemPower owner, there is nothing else to do but delegate his SP to one of the pools, and the pool will take care of the rental and the payment.

I know this is a little abstract. But my recommendation for the normal Steemian would be to save his SP and only cash out his liquid rewards.



Hi and good morning! Thanks so much for your long and detailed reply! This is very much appreciated! I totally understand what you are saying and it is true that in the future steem might run into troubles because - as you say - the blockchain cannot be scaled forever.

I understand the underlying concept of the linked github document, but I am far away from grasping all the technical details.

Anyway, do you think these delegation Pools will be the next big challenge on Steem? How can we as steemians endorse this project or be part of the discussion?

But my recommendation for the normal Steemian would be to save his SP and only cash out his liquid rewards.

I personally - since being on this platform - did not and probably won't cashout any liquid rewards, In the moment I also feel that a PD needs not to be done, unless Justin Sun and his Tron foundation do craazy stuff with the Steem Blockchain. At some point in the future I will give my account to my son anyhow and he can do whatever he wants to do with it.

To close my comment, I have a short question regarding this community you have created, I think your community addresses english written articles only and posted by non German SPEAKING steemians. In my opinion this would make sense because there are already communities for articles written in German by German speaking people. Maybe you could elaborate a little bit on this topic.

Also, in case I understand the concept of communities correctly, one should first post into a community and afterwards the post can be resteemed or added to the own blog and not vice versa, otherwise the "crossed" posts are earning double upvotes (especially from autovoters).

In other words, one should only "cross-post" articles from other authors and not those I have already posted myself on my own blog. What do you think or did I misunderstand here something?

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Hallo @twinner ich halte diese Gruppenbildung für kontraproduktiv so wird sich alles mehr verlaufen wie ein Haus 🏠 mit tausend Räumen die man ablaufen soll


Ich sehe meine Community mehr als Spaßprojekt an, um ein wenig mit den Communities rumspielen zu können. Mir kommen oftmals erst beim Ausprobieren von Dingen neue Ideen, was man damit noch so anstellen könnte. Also ich nehme das schon Ernst, wenn jemand gute Posts aus AllerHerrenLänder sieht, und meint die hätten einen Vote verdient, dann kann man das hier gerne teilen. Ansonsten werden sich recht schnell die normalen Communities herausbilden, und #deutsch wird zum großen Teil in die DACH Community rüberwandern.


Ja manchmal kommt die Idee erst beim austesten, auch wenn man sie wie ich anfangs für sinnlos hält 😏
dann werde ich mich jetzt auch mal auf die Suche der einzelnen Communities begeben und starte gleich mal mit Deiner


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Hi Twinner

The global Rewardpool in its current form is the cause for all the dramas and disputes about rewards, downvotes etc. As long as it exists, there will always be rip-offs and disappointed users who turn away from STEEM. And the STEEM price can't rise either, because as soon as the price rises, the rewards of the scammers will rise as well, who will immediately sell the rewards on the market, which will bring the price down again. A vicious circle.

It is just a question of demand and supply.

The price depends on many factors - global situation of the economy - political decisions and even the normal daily and weekly activitis.

How ever - future will tell what way is the best.

I have some doubt about Tron, because Tron is a member of the system which always meets at Davos each year.

The system doesn´t like competition - so the steemworld could be in danger.

The market signals uncertainity. Otherwise if Steem is a success, than it can grow in significant manner.

SMT s will show if they are able to generate new fields of commerce and new members to the steemchain.

Best regards.


The global reward pool will be needed for a long time to come because it is an important part of how the ownership of stake is continuously decentralized. Decentralizing ownership of stake is of supreme importance.


Lol, I like it.


Rep 74, around 20k STEEM earned with posts, full on powerdown, 1500 SP left.

You are the best proof that we need to get rid of the global rewardpool :-)


You have concluded that I have sold everything. How do you think doing such a think can hurt the stake distribution?

The only reason you are against people selling their earned STEEM is because you want no one else to sell so that the fiat price of your speculative investment in STEEM would remain as high as possible for you to sell at your convenience. You believe the value of your investment would be safer with less STEEM entering into circulation. I'm afraid you are mistaken. The stake distribution on Steem is still such that the chain can still be taken over by whoever controls Steemit, Inc's stake.

If you want your money to be safe, you should hope for a massive new inflationary spike like during the last bull market when a massive quantity of SBD was created during the price spike, not all of which has even been converted into STEEM, yet. There's still over seven million SBD in existence, which puts the virtual supply 33 million STEEM higher than the total supply. One way or another, STEEM inflation will find itself in the hands of new owners and that is vital.

The only insurance against Justin Sun doing what he said he was going to do in his first tweets after the Steemit, Inc purchase, which was basically to have STEEM swapped for a Tron-based shit token (and the Steem blockchain dismantled), is for the inflation to continue at a high rate so as to render Steemit, Inc's stake proportionally small enough to not pose danger. The SPS funding which is in SBD and the SBD rewards will do just that particularly at higher STEEM price levels and that is a damn good thing.


Getroffene Hunde bellen. qed.


The truth is that you have no counter arguments against the argument against disposing of the STEEM reward pool that I put forward, which was that the STEEM reward pool must continue to distribute STEEM to make the stake distribution more decentralized to make the chain more secure against hostile takeover attempts. That is literally demonstrated by this exchange because if you had arguments, you'd have presented them already.


The truth is that I don't give a shit about the opinion of someone who has cashed out 90% of his STEEM. Go, enjoy your life.

Good luck with your groups, I support generally this innovation on Steemit and think communities could make it more attractive for old and new user.

Really great post, i support it your every.

#resteemit done


I like your resteemit, next time please also a retronit :-)


Lol - i like your humor 🤣

This is a thematically appropriate post to send this order confirmation to. :-D

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I’m all for TRON and getting new governance!

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to call BEER one time per day)

Hi @twinner , I’m visiting your blog for the first time and am very glad to meet you. Cognitive article turned out.

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Dear @twinner, nice to see a post of yours in my feed. While I find the idea behind your personal community a generous offer, I have a bit of a problem with it:

It seems, by crossposting blog posts for promotion purposes to any community, it triggers multiple listings in the follower feed. This is especially annoying to autovoting followers, whose voting mana is drained multiple times - very unfair. Since I don't want to tee off my followers, I won't partake in the community fun for the time being.

I discovered this by observing SteemWorld. Please enlighten me if I have overlooked or misinterpreted something. This community thing is still new and confusing to me. Regards, Folker

How can I get your Vote :)

Hi @twinner,
leider gelingt es mir nicht, meinen Post bei dir unter "TOP 👍 or 👎 FLOP" rein zu bringen :(
Ich komme mit den Communities noch nicht zurecht.

Interesting decision to consider regarding abolishing the rewards pool.

Question, how do you see all the various SMTs earning value? For instance, you made the claim that the tokens on Steem-Engine are "worthless", but what's to stop the different SMTs becoming shitcoins as well?

I know why I want STEEM ( beside powering it up & using it to play games ), I can sell it on exchanges for fiat in order to pay rent, food, internet, etc. Why would all these random new SMTs be able to match that value?

( your community looks cool, btw, def will check it out :^) )

So could be the way to reach the goal. Really smart thoughts to promote the system sustainably. I agree with you and hope the witnesses will see it the same way.

Greetings Michael


  ·  2년 전

Ich bin dann auch so frei und schreibe auf englisch. Für die audience ;)

"Some users think openly about forking Justin out of the chain. At the moment this would be a bad idea, because the fork would not benefit from the promotion of the TRON founder."

I'm glad more people think so. I don't really know how to assess the transfer, but the development Steem has made in the last few years hasn't really convinced me. This is one of the reasons that I have stopped my activity on the platform. Basically, I can imagine that an external influence, which may possibly also influence developments and marketing in a different way than before, can be helpful for the growth of the platform.

On the other hand, especially if I include swaps, I wonder if the goal of the new management will be the further development of the platform and what this will look like in reality.

As I am interested in the topic I read some contributions and was surprised how many people vote for a fork. And then with the argumentation in the back that the real value of the platform is the people and that they would stay "at the core". I think such a fork just takes the capital and therefore more or less the attraction of the people from the platform. The result would be a price decline and a gradual crumbling of the platform.

In this sense I wanted to have my mustard on it. If I post again, I will use your community. So, and then I disappear again.

  ·  2년 전

At this time I regret to withdraw my statement.

Interesting times and some changes. This is a good thing because only change and transformation creates new opportunities and growth. I am curious how all this will develop. For me the Steem Blockchain is a big experiment and I don't understand everything that is going on here. I am not a nerd and prefer to spend time in nature rather than in front of the PC.

The communities definitely help to bundle different interests and separate them from the wild chaos. In how far SMT's are the solution for a fairer reward, I can not judge.

In a world where everything is tracked, tokenized and catalogued on blockchains, data is more valuable than anything else. Everything gets a value and is evaluated. In how far the curse or blessing for mankind is, must be shown in the future. The artificial intelligence will increase exorbitantly in any case. Curse or blessing? Probably both!
Let's hope that Mr. Sun has understood how important a decentralized social media platform is today and especially in the future. Making money is one thing. Free and self-determined living is another. Both together a blessing :)

At this point a big fat THANK YOU! for all your support!

Steem ON!