$300 Billion Class Action Lawsuit Against Facebook & Google For Causing Crypto Price Crash in 2018! Sign Up Here!

3년 전

In early 2018, both Google and Facebook decided to ban all advertising for cryptocurrency related projects on their networks. Since these two platforms handle 66% of the internet's advertising - this was a critical blow for crypto. Days later, $300 Billion was wiped off the value of crypto. Now we have a class action lawsuit to attempt to correct this.

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@jpbliberty is processing a full scale class action law suit, in the Australian jurisdiction, but open to everyone - which aims to reclaim hundreds of billions of dollars of lost value for the entire cryptocurrency world as a whole.

Anti-monopoly laws prohibit corporations from blocking competitors from using their services and this is what has occurred here, since Google and Facebook operate social networks and there are social networks who are banned by their move - since they use cryptocurrency. Obviously, Steem based sites are some of those affected - so please resteem this post to get as many people signed up to this class action suit as possible.

If you want to recover Steem's position in the market, this might be a crucial step in giving the network the boost it needs. How can we sign up users to Steem if we can't even reach them via the dominating social networks? In my opinion, the ban of cryptocurrency adverts by Facebook and Google was less about protecting the public and more about preventing mainstream adoption of sites such as Steemit.com, which at the time of the ban were growing very strongly indeed.

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For more info on the class action law suit, click here.

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Even if this lawsuit doesn't stand much of a chance, the publicity alone is worth signing up. Done.

LOL. How will I get my piece of the $300 billion pie?


Just sign up for the shizzle for rizzle 8D

Bend over Zuckerberg.....


Good job @ura-soul Resteemed.

This could be huge.
Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with everyone.

I did not realize the ban on ads and market crash dates were so close together like that.


Yes, the market dropped 53% in the week after Facebook announced their Crypto Ad Ban.


That is a staggering number. I just finished my sign up. Thanks for your efforts!


You are welcome. Absolutely, in the haze of activity at that time it was easy to miss the effects of this. The leverage that Facebook and Google have via their online domination is really limiting humanity in so many ways.


Hazy times indeed.
I agree with you about the online domination. Humanity is a strong group and won’t suffer forever.

  ·  3년 전


This won’t stand a chance... really

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Actually, the case is quite a strong one and relatively easy to prove. All the elements of the breach are made out on the face of things. A lot of good lawyers have looked at this and haven’t been able to find a major flaw or showstopper.
In any case, even if it were only a 1
In 100 chance that’s still a great free lottery ticket!

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Thanks for explaining. :)


Why do you say that?


Because in my humble opinion you can not blame a company for not doing advertising for a certain industry... If we all want freedom of speech! Which is in my opinion the case, there is also the right to advertise freely. Which means, the right to reject certain ads... It works both ways, not?


Its pretty perverse to suggest that preventing speech by banning ads is an exercise of freedom of speech!
When companies have such a monopoly position they are restricting freedom of speech by preventing ads. When those ads are from competitors then its illegal anti-competitive behaviour.


I have often heard that freedom of speech does not extend to private spaces - which includes websites. E.g. You have the right to freedom of speech, but not the right to come into my house and say whatever you like.. In the sense that I can opt to eject you for whatever reason I choose. I guess you would know more about how the law operates in that regard than most people though, I am interested to hear your thoughts on that.


The issue is the terms of anti-trust and monopoly laws. As Andrew highlighted above, it appears that in law, breach of anti-monopoly law can be proven here and that is the point.

LOL. How will I get my piece of the $300 billion pie?

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