The Modern Woman is a Slave of Her Smartphone, Her Job and Her Tinder App

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Some will call me a sexist and they will be correct. My name is Philip and I am a sexist.

Today's post is a little bit different than what you usually read ladies & gentlemen of Steemit. Today's post is a rant about women. So here is your trigger warning: Do not read further if you are easily triggered.

I have stopped ranting about women about a year ago because since then I stopped dating but something that grinds my gears heavily popped up in my E-Mail folder.

An E-mail from a friend in England who ranted about his experience with women in the past asking me what to do because he sees that I stopped ranting about women and are busy with my mission.

He sent me this picture and it caused me to write this article that you read here right now.

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What I Think About it?

They look great and in shape I give them that. They are physically attractive yet they turn me the fuck off. Why? Because they run around like this in public & make photos looking like arrogant bitches.

The equivalent of that would be a dude running topless, flexing his muscles and looking at people like they are subhumans while making a picture of it to present it on Instagram for likes from people he does not even know.

The women in the picture also have no shame, they look like prostitutes and I don't want to know how many cocks they had in their ass & mouths.

In all honesty, I want to punch these girls in their fucking face for looking like that. Who do they think they are? Fitness girls?

They have probably never been fat like @Fitinfun (visit her blog if you want to lose weight!) and went all in to lose it. I have never seen a woman sweat in 3 years of working out in my gym. They are all running around with yoga pants doing leg exercises while completely ignoring their upper body.

These women are masculine career women who probably had an abortion and they will end up single with cats when they are 40 because looks and their delusions is all that they have. They yell that they are strong and independent yet they work 9-5 for someone that hired them for their looks (female quota) instead of their skills. They choose career over family because "YO GO GIRRLLLLL".

The Modern Woman is a Slave gym thot.jpg


Women in The West in General

Women need to respect men to stay in a relationship and they need a family to be happy. Women are unable to hold relationships nowadays because they have no more respect for men!

They don't value them. Why? Because they can select from 100 cocks on Tinder and when they suck those pathetic dicks who have no self-respect because they are on Tinder in the first place women will lose respect for men in general (supported by our society, men are all oppressive and rapists!)

Women live better than men in the west yet most become depressed. "THEY LIVE BETTER THAN MEN?" Yes, they do. They get less prison time or no time for the same thing a man did. They get hired for female quota instead of qualification & skill. They get multiple benefits at divorce and we men have to pay for children.

Children have become a stupid thing to have. The average man does not have enough money, how can he pay for his 2 children when he barely earns enough while the mother sucks different cocks and laughs straight to the bank? The division between men and women continues (supported by society).

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Equality & feminism has destroyed the family unit in the west. Say what you want but "oppressive" religions and countries have functioning families.

Single mothers are a result of equality & feminism.

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Wow you are a really angry man aren't you? What was her name I wonder?

You say 'Women need to respect men to stay in a relationship ' how much respect are you showing though when you are generalising about half the human race in this way?


"What was her name I wonder?"

This ain't how you initiate a conversation, stranger. According to your question, you talk about respecting people but you fail exactly at that.

Here is how people earn my respect: Earn it (You failed hardcore at that.) And besides that, I don't give a shit about the world. The only people I care about are myself, some people of my family & my gang, my customers, my supporters and nobody else.

If you want to discuss something you better not insult the other person you want to discuss with.


Oh no the misogynist doesnt like me! Imagine my disappointment 😂 I'm not interested in earning your 'respect'. Did you think you were the only one who got to act like that? Bless your simple heart.

'I don't give a shit about the world' - what are you - 12? Too much funny here but you just keep putting all your inadequacies on to other people champ and who knows, one day maybe you'll believe its actually true! That's right its all because of those pesky women.

Give my regards to your 'gang' LMFAO


cool story bro.


I was hoping for better - disappointed but not surprised. You have a great day buttercup