SBD should not go bellow 1 USD, correct?

3년 전

If I remember/understand mechanics correctly, SBD is pegged to 1 USD and in theory should not go bellow 1 USD even if STEEM does, correct? It is currently very close to 1 USD so soon should be more clear if this is still the case.

Any educated opinions?


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First of all forget about pegging.

Second point is that even when SBD was pegged to 1 usd it was trading below 1 usd in late November 2017, so it all depends upon BTC now, if BTC panicked to 4K then we can see SBD as 0.6 or 0.7 usd also. So more pain is waiting for all of us.


even when SBD was pegged to 1 usd

So it is not pegged any more? (and I understand peg didn't always work, thanks for the info)
Good to know, I was going to power down and convert STEEM to SBD if STEEM would go bellow 1 USD, now it seems like this may not be that useful after all


Considering the past trend what I believe is that SBD and STEEM both will remain around 1 usd or so for a significant period like 4/5 months and only after mid December we can expect a bull trend, so the best thing would be to earn fiat from a different source and invest those fiat in steem or SBD during these 4/5 months and then in December or January when the price goes up you can sell it and make a profit out of that. I may be wrong also, but this is my speculation based on historical chart of steem and SBD. Thank you.