First Payout And New Layout

3년 전

Check my introduction post for more Infos and Rules.

If you want to register you can do it right here in the comment section I will always link to this post to register. Or in Discord.

Member List Update

Screenshot (55).png
Reminder : 1 Steem = 10 Shares.

We had the first payout from the rig. Converted to steem : 11.760 ( with 0.01 Fees from binance ) You can check the exchange rate in my wallet in the memo.

Since only me and @jorge-caceres invested this week ( me with the rig and 4 Steem, him with 4 Steem and upvotes )
When I did the math even @jorge-cares had only 0.001 Steem as a payout.

  • @jorge-caceres : ((11.76- 2,94 ) x 0.54% = 0.051 Steem.
  • @kalif : (11.76 - 2,94 ) x 99.46% = 8,769 Steem.

In the next article this will get updated in the Table too.

This week we will need to decide what are we going to do with the money.

I will comment every choice and you can either upvote or respond to the comment.

How to get Shares

  • delegate to the account @voteyourcrypto ( we will be curating content and selling votes ).
    You will then get paid weekly with shares with a price of 200 Sp/Steem/week.
  • buy shares from me as long as they are availlable.
  • Upvote this account in the daily articles.
  • But to do all that, if you are not registered, write it in the comments and begin upvoting that's it.
    As you can see the rig is doing just fine today :)
  • Estimated Account value : around 50 Dollars. That's 592 Smartcash coins. ( We need 10k to get a smartnode )
  • Soon with curating statistics too.

Like always, if you happen to have any questions. Hit me in the comments.
If you don't want to miss any post, go to and put @voteyourcrypto ( Without the "@" ) ;)
Don't forget to follow @voteyourcrypto and my creator @kalif.
Let's build stuff with our vote and support Steem by doing it !

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Hi @voteyourcrypto, when you say

You will then get paid weekly with shares with a price of 200 Sp/Steem/week

Do you mean that all of the shares divide up 200 SP/STEEM a week? If so, how exactly do you divide them up/how many shares are there?


Screenshot (56).png
I thought a picture would be best it's just like Leasing SP for me and for you too but you get shares weekly.

  • so 100 SP for 24 weeks for 12 steem in the Minnowbooster calculator with a yearly APR of 22.5%
  • You can use the calculator to see how much you will get in shares since 10 Shares = 1 Steem.
  • That means for 100 SP Delegation, you get 5 Shares a week for as long as you delegate and then with your shares you are participating already and get everything else.
  • you can scale it up with 200 SP --> 10 Shares/week.
    Link to the calculator