VLOG! - Come hang with way beyond @daveonarrival !



Wooooooooot! Dave aka @daveonarrival is here and it’s been quite a few chill days for both of us here in Bangkok, Thailand. Today we came out of the house at 3 pm or something but hey, good day still. Went on a bus ride and grabbed some street food. Took a boat to chill at one of the coffee shop by the Chao Phraya. Yes! The one I always bring all the Steemians there lol Seriously just one of those day where you do not much but feel pretty happy so why not come hang with us!!!?

If you’re around and we don’t really know you are, really!!!!!! Come hang!!!!! Drop a comment or something <3

ps. sorry for the same mic on this one :/

More post related (not really but close enough :D)

Mo ❤







All copy and photos are original content by me.

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Glad to see you in good company
Dave seems cool
He must be a carnivore 😎

Not lame like well you know who

Was that Mary Jane by Rick James jamming in the back ground


Don't worry I not die yet
I have to see you reach super stardom

Its just some of the things say or write are open to interpretation

That makes my side split in laughter and wonderment

All the more why you are the most
Super Coolest Chick in all of steem land
And maybe the Universe

Great video Mo

I like your taste in beer Dave

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Hahhaha Thanks for such a comment and now it will keep me thinkin'.. :D hahaha Glad you like the vid! It was a fun and easy going one! Muchly appreciated as always <3!

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wow beautiful scenery and I see you are very confident in making videos in crowded places


Hahahhaa I'm pretty confident doing that but really, I'm a shy kinda person lol Thanks for watching! :)

Is that similar to pho??


No, way cooler. Pho got no wontons :D

Glad to see you mushrooms(fun guys, got it? ;p) hanging out. And you both make awesome videos!


Oh! You're a mushroom one!!?? @daveonarrival!!?? hahhaa :D Thanks a lot! Glad you enjoy the vid. Sorry this one has such terrible sound. I didn't bring the proper mic <3


Mushrooms? Hahahaha

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well done vlog. Thailand looks like a fun place. Would love to visit one day. keep it up @waybeyondpadthai


Thanks a lot for watching. Yes yes yes! Thailand could be so cool.. or not? lol Do come!!! :D

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Whoa!!! Crazyyy!! Thank you! :)

Well to be honest, I'm too much away from you,, but if I got a chance then must do chill with you.

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Hahhaha You're always welcome. Bring @jznsamuel with you or you go chill together first, as you're closer to each other ! :D

Thailand is a very nice place. Many of my hobbies are traveling to Thailand . I do not know when I can go to Thailand?

I know it is super-touristy but I had a really nice time doing one of the dinner cruises in BKK when my family was visiting.


Oh! would that be a good idea to do so. I have always see those passing by at night when I go chill at one of the pier along the river. I might consider doing a vlog about that myself. Would be interesting! :D Thanks for the idea!