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I spend 294 days on Steemit, with lots of kind-hearted steemians. I don't wanna leave steemit but they force me to leave this amazing platform. Now I have no choice.

@spaminator just continuously downvoting all my posts and comments without any reason and I know that they will downvote this post also after 6 days, whenever it's time to get payment. Because I spam this platform by writing my own emotion and not only this I copied this content from my mind.

I started this account just to help other Steemians. I have no intention to spam or gain followers or get upvotes, My only intention to help each other by reteeming their post and upvoting. Is it wrong to help others, Is I'm a great spammer for helping others?

Every day my reputation decreases to 0.2. If it happens daily then one day my reputation will be 0. And then no use of any content to publish on steemit, also if I don't have any steem or sbd on my wallet then no use to post anything.

Our Top Contributors who Support our Work, Without their help, this would not have been possible

@crypto.piotr @gank @mariusfebruary @lucky4karmen @majes.tytyty @devann @boxcarblue

Please, guys, remove your valuable delegation, now we have no use. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart to support us.

Each and every person I met on this platform are amazing. I don't wanna leave but I have to.


"How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."

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I'm having the same issue with @spaminator. They keep downvoting my posts just before the 7 days as reached. They have given no reason and are ignoring my comments. They are ruining Steem!

Unfortunately, you won't be the last, social media should be fun and enjoyable. This isn't

I've seen a lot of posts' like this lately....I don't know your content, but if it's genuinely your own then this is another loss for Steemit.....I'm considering powering down now and just selling at my buy in price.....I don't see any other STEEM blockchain app bigger than Steemit ATM and it is a dumpster fire lately....

same here. i dont know what is the problem with steemit

I can imagine it must be hard to leave your digital friends, but everything will be fine. There are much better platforms than Steemit to do your thing. Yes, it's hard to leave. It's full of fantastic people here, but the structure of the platform is just not right. Everything feels so artificial. You might want tot take a look at https://u.community/. It's still in alpha phase, but in one month I already had more meaningful conversations than the time I spent here. Invite your friends and start over. See setbacks as an opportunity to start over again! Good luck.

Try using another "platform" that's on top of the Steem blockchain. It will be like you're still on Steemit, but different groups etc. There's Engrave, for example. It's powered by the Steem blockchain. Hope this helps.

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No! Donโ€™t go!
I canโ€™t stand the bully accounts. It is no oneโ€™s right to bully others into leaving!

I started using a couple different platforms along WITH Steemit. That has really helped me not get so upset with the bullying.

This is one of my posts.


But like I said, please stay here as well!

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Donโ€™t leave ! We have @curatorhulk for situations like that

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It's sad to see you go! Have you spoken to the owner of the account flagging you to ask why? Reputation isn't the be all and end all and you shouldn't let other people dictate hwo you use the platform

a good seed will get the right soil. So be optimize i am sure you ahve a good kind heart. God never ever sleep. GBU

You are very helpful to newbies like me, even at small payout it gives a lot of encouragement. We miss your contest๐Ÿ˜น

Hi, you could come to Steem.chat and contact #steemitabuse -channel there to check if someone can discuss this with you :)

If so it is very alarming and demotivating for all of us. Hope your problem will be removed soon.

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It hurts me too, my reputation decreased from 35 to 16 and whenever i post something no one upvotes nor comments , steemit is a hard place to live on .

Some people can be heartless. So sorry to see you go.

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Oh no, don't leave! Don't give in to the negativity!

What...? @whatsontrend don't even think about doing that... You always help everyone and contribute to new steemians to start sharing more and believe in themselves. There is a lack of people like you here that genuinely give more without asking nothing in return.

Don't give up and don't leave the platform even if you can't reestem other people content at least just publish your own or if that also trigger @spaminator create a new account and share with all of us your new user to follow. There are still people that like you and want to support whatever you end up doing.

This platform needs you!

Really sad to hear.... It"s not fare.... good luck....

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