Competition, Over-Due and Needed.

10개월 전

Sitting back and letting Steem fester along is soon going to become a luxury we don't have.

If you are unaware we've lost some good users to a new site called Scorum, it is a sports commentary site  based on Steem, it might even be a copy I didn't read their white paper.  Only because I am not that interested in sports anymore.  If I were I would have checked it out.

On EOS Trybe is now live and active.  You can find it here:

My experience was that the site was slow and the articles less personal and friendly.  Back to the old essay style Steem used to have.  However it is going to create some interest and people should and will check out the competition.  They are airdropping tokens to EOS holders based on the snapshot in June.  In addition, there are ways to earn Trybe via various activities.  I didn't try to publish anything there, because I thought it was dumb and intimidating that my article had to be approved.  I am not trashing their business plan, just evaluating if it would be a good fit.

I've built my own loyalty to Steem through my own efforts, and I've made friends here.  I have a following and my posts get great engagement and I do not take any of that for granted and I am happy and grateful for it.  Love is a verb.  I love Steem due to the time and the energy that I have put into it.  I also have watched many of you grow, I know your story, have seen pictures of your family and that creates loyalty to me.  Loyalty that would be hard for me to walk away from.

However if we are chasing new-users and retaining those who don't have 2 years of effort in, or those who do have 2 years of effort in and are unhappy we are going to have to do more and do it better.  That is all there is to it.

We've had 2 years to create invested end-users who will stick through the hard times, price is low, rewards are low and the site and the community feel stale.

Tides are turning and the power is shifting towards the Content Creators.  The game is changing and we should not shun the competition, we shouldn't ask people not to talk about it, we should learn from what they do better.  We should up our game, not avoid discussion of other projects.

If you are mad I am talking about another project, you should have been mad at me all along, I've been carrying on side relationships with many other projects and so have many of you.  ;)

This is your wake up call, competition is coming...  

I told you it would.


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I have a Scorum account and it's great actually, in my opinion the developers of Scorum have no ideas of their own, it is a complete photocopy of Steemit.

But it's a tiny niche.


Agreed. It is a "We are not Steem" site. :)

Scorum is not my thing at all.. sports. I enjoy doing sports, not talking about them. :D

haven't looked at trybe but the idea of getting articles approved is interesting. It should keep a higher level but, at what cost? If it is anything like some curation projects here, it is pretty well form and fit, hence the essays. Don't favoritism, culture and censorship questions get raised?

I was writing a steem love story but decided against it because it had been steem content all day..... it tends to have that effect. I love it here too.


Yeah, I'm not that excited about National Level Sports.

I guess I don't really like formal blogs, but yeah I wonder how it is going to scale.


I guess I don't really like formal blogs, but yeah I wonder how it is going to scale.

I hope they hired professional editors because it sounds like they made a newspaper. Is it going to be The NY Times or, a high school production?

Dear @whatsup I love to find in your writing a little bit more about you and to know you, there is something I completely share and it is "loyalty" when we believe in something and we have a commitment to what we do, we create that loyal link between people. Finally those who write in steemit and create projects and new ideas are human beings, with feelings, dreams and many want to grow. That's what I found in steemit, many people trying to create content to be seen and sharing in communities to be heard. This activity, allows us to know the human being behind each publication and that creates new friendships, for example I know about you, that you like to cook listening to music and that you have fun moving the energy in positive, besides that you are loyal to your friends and that you believe in this platform, which you defend, that makes you for me, a close friend, although I do not know you and I do not know how you are physically, but your joy if it has been with us, which gives a human face to Steemit.
I would say that steemit, apart from being a Blockchane block creator, has also made it possible for her to have a human face before all the members, creating new bonds of friendship among many people in the world.
I'm still here, working little by little and trying to continue learning a little more about her. I like to read you, as a follower.
Good vibes.

Trybe is slower than a horse stuck in molasses.

I've heard good things about Scorum, but it isn't the sort of thing I tend to write about.

Those are only the first two though we've still got plenty more to come. Can they compete with Steemit? I don't think so. Not yet.


"Trybe is slower than a horse stuck in molasses."

Ha ha ha, Jeezzle, good one! :)


Agreed, it might be great, but not my cup of tea.


What is the competition - those ones don't look any good - I'm sure there will be others, but the ones I've seen so far were pretty lackluster

What is xaero1 - a new bot?

I'm not scared of a Hyundai Accent Mk1 website

but I live in terror of a new Toyota Prius website (every second car in Wellington is one of these)


Haha! The competition is weak, but it is coming.


How do you know? - first it was Medium, then Minds - but they both suck...

And scrotum is a boring looking American sports site...

What is next?


I really can't get over the name. Why did they call it something so similar to scrotum? I still can't figure out why.


Why not? :)


Good points. I've got no rebuttal.

I have never heard about Scorum or Trybe so this is more of a lesson. I am into sports but never really got the interest of blogging about sports. I feel like it's too limiting in terms of niche but I can't talk much on something I have never tried, right. Steemit for me is the online village of them all. Here we have communities with a larger community. A chance for anyone in the world to change a life on the other side of the globe.

To Steemit 🍻

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Today was the first time I have heard of scorum. Their coin does seem more stable than Steem.

I didn't notice any slowness with Trybe today. I do like the Steemit setup better but for the people obsessed with the Trending page I think Trybe is better. I don't know if Trybe has a feed like Steemit has. My mini Trybe article did get approved but I don't think I have gotten any upvotes or money off of it.

meh. Sports are a distraction at best.... Nothing to get worked up about, just a few jocks drinking beer ...

I hadn't heard of Scorum, so consider me educated. I'm into other things more than sports, and only have one life, so I won't be using it. . .

. . . unless it's like Amazon, which started with books, and everybody giggled, "Ah, it's only books, sure Barnes and Noble will struggle, but that's about it" and then one day, nobody was giggling any more cos Amazon owned every product, and every person, and every country in the whole world! :0

Who approves the articles on Trybe? Sounds overly exclusive to me. I may check that it, if I can find the time, just to find out what's going on.

"This is your wake up call, competition is coming"

This is a very good thing. Change is already in the air, good change, with Partiko and Steem-UA and different front ends, and this new competition will get developers minds spinning even faster. Let's have great things happen while we're all still alive to see them. :)


I just noticed Scorum coins on CMC. They are something like $0.30 a coin already, which is pretty damn good considering that the site just came out. I'm not a big sports fan either....but I did watch the Oklahoma versus UCLA game today while I was maybe I do have a place on that site after all? Worth checking it out I think.

That’s every interesting I checked out trybe now and heard EOS was going to have a blogging platform but didn’t think it would be so soon! I think Steem has gone through enough of the first teething problems and those who have stuck around have invested way to much to just jump! Its going to be an interesting battle of the platforms and we’ll see who wins! I do think the SMT could be a double edged sword that makes or breaks the steem blockchain

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Yeah, they have a lot of projects coming out.

Am certain quite a lot of steemians now use Scorum. I would have too if I had the time (I love Competition is healthy, not just to make us work faster but to see how far we have come as a community

Competition is always a good thing!

How long 'til competition starts happening on a per-post basis? One web site/app with connections to Steem & EOS & Ethereum & ... where it uses current profitability estimates to decide which chain gets the content?


That's an interesting idea!

This low price should be a blessing for long believers in Steem.

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Scorum is an unfortunate name.


It is little like scrotum, agreed.


I think they were trying for... Score 'em. But

Wow, scorum is like a who's who of steemit. Or rather a who's who of steemit past. I wondered where lots of people went as there was a sudden mass exodus of older users not explained by the downturn in price.

Oh well, good luck to them!

I agree on the tide turning for content creators. For too long people (some very influential) have been dissing actual content creators. Babbling on about how unimportant we are compared to investors. Well you are starting to see it, content creators are and will be valued. If not here then elsewhere.


I think it's important to value the creators of content, and I share your opinion on this point. From where I am that I am still small in this platform, I have seen that, they are furt in the criticism of the content and it is difficult to grow currently here. Particularly since I arrived, I think I made a spark, a clip of butterflies as well as the first love, although I have not earned little rewards, I have gained a lot in learning about new subjects, new experiences and meeting new people. I am a world this great ocean and this mystery this great part of its success, I hope that everything can improve and that we can all put a little more so that all steemit improve. Pleased to have read it.
Good vibes.


And good vibes right back at you! Stick with it, don't be discouraged!


Sincere thanks, here I will be happy and generating good energy so that everything changes positively. A great greeting @meesterboom


Yeah, many great former Steem folks there. Yes, I wish them well also!

I was one of those telling content creators, to chill out. :) But I also disclaimed it, with... For now.


Definitely for now, the worm is turning, for what is steemit without those who create something and not just regurgitated Crypto news from coin desk, lol

Thanks for your Post @whatsup. The points you make are very sound. We knew the Competition would come. But Steemit does have a nice head start.

I will check at those two but Steem is where my heart is at. Those SMTs in January will be a game changer,imho

In a platform as monetized as steem moat users will base their loyalties on which they can milk more. For those already massively invested in this platform, you guys unfortunately do not have that luxury. It is left to you to keep spreading the word about the awesomeness of steem and attracting more users cause you have more at stake.

I have only been here a couple of months but I already feel like a stakeholder, steem must win the competition wars


Well, I am not even close to big enough to promote Steem. While I agree with the idea, there are many who have more to win and lose than I do.

Yeah, right now it is all about the money, so if someone offers more... It will be an easy decision for many.

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