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5년 전

Its been a while people

Still I am raging when I sent 3k Worth of steem to this account by MISTAKE! Ouchhhhh. But its been a few months now and still unrevoverd to I have accpeted my losses! 

BUT on the other hand its a good chance to own the account @BLOCK he has received over $3k worth of free Steem. I am not the only individual to employ  my errors in selling the Steem to @Blocktrades so its all not to bad! 

All is not to bad now! 

Twitter! https://twitter.com/Crypto_Willz 

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Spreading love throughout the community always motivates others as well


Hey! Thankyou!

Hello williams858, I am a simple vote scheduling service for randowhale so that you can always catch it awake and get an upvote from them. For a full description of how to use me, check out my guide post.

It would be great if we can set up some sort of 2fa for transfers that are larger than a certain amount. I am not sure how it is possible but I feel steem should work on something similar to that.

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