Steem Wars

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For years I've been advocating for a foundational shift in thinking. A shift that requires us all to heal while we acknowledge the sacredness of each other, our work, ideas and possessions.

I've worked hard to get people to see just how violent some aspects of this blockchain has become. Yet I was only met with mocking, dismissal and violence. I removed my witness votes almost nine months ago in protest to the direction that I saw this blockchain was taking. I stopped blogging because of the violence and refusal to explore the spirit of what I was pointing out to this community.

Now I stand as a witness to the festering violence turning into an all out war. I rebuke the actions of the witnesses and what they did. I rebuke the actions of the new owner and what he did. I rebuke the actions of the old owner as well.

All of this is playing out because there is a foundational issue not being addressed. Greed, authority, fear, mistrust and a whole host of other character challenges manifesting from unresolved trauma is causing people to react rather than sit down, join sacred circle, talk, share, be vulnerable and heal. This is nothing but a manifestation of what is within. It does not have to be this way.

This is now forcing people to re-assess and contemplate. I pray to Creator that we all find grace, forgiveness, patience and understanding rather than anger, hatred, frustration and fear.

We need a Virtue Circle here and now, more than ever before.

I've started a school that can help. White Walking Feathers School for the Pacem Arts. It is a school to help people find peace within themselves and learn how to establish healthy boundaries, resolve conflict peacefully, love, heal and grow.

If this steem blockchain experience helps people see the spirit of what I tried to share over the years, then you are welcome to join me at my school.

I will be withdrawing from this battle field. I say good bye. I forgive you. I love you. I pray and smudge for healing and peace.

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Sad to see you go. Even though I didn't agree with everything you had to say, you had a very valuable message, thank you. Wish you would reconsider, without content creators like you this place will be nothing.

Thanks for you valuable perspective.

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You're right, of course, but I think this place is everything it was intended to be and couldn't have been otherwise...Love, Morpheus.

Highly rEsteemed!