The moral and ethical decay continues

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I've been confronting this 'community' for years about their behaviour and I was rebuked by many for my stand. Now I witness individuals in this community blocking others from their accounts, assets, etc. If we can justify one form of theft and violence, other forms of theft and violence become the norm. We are now witnessing the deterioration of this 'community' and it will destroy itself as a result. That is natural and spiritual law at work.

I cannot and will not participate in the violence that was programmed into this blockchain and justified as a means of governance. It feeds into other form of violence where people think it is justified to block others out. The foundation of the blockchain is flawed and as a result, we see war unfolding before our eyes. Just as we see in the world around us too!

Peace is the only answer, but most here don't want to hear that! So I go to those who want to learn and explore the principles that I've worked so hard to share here. I will leave my posts up in the event that people want to walk a different path. This blockchain path is headed where I do not want to go. I pray that you all will find peace within your hearts. That will require a lot of healing, forgiveness and work. If you are ready and want some help, just let me know.

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I couldn't agree more! Stay well and all the best:) On the bright side: nothing matches the buffoonery of Minds:P


Are you implying that this isn't a community?
You clearly are, yet it seems like such a silly thing to do which is why I ask.

The GREAT SATAN is coming for everyone soon,
and your words will fall onto more deaf ears as corrupted souls are swept into the tidal wave.