unoriginal trash

6개월 전

does anyone around here have any original thoughts anymore?

no wonder the user base is declining. its not because people arent making the money they think they will. its because the content people are encouraged to write, based on what they see on trending, fucking sucks.

keep writing about steem and how good your curation group is doing. take note, youre getting no comments.

also, justin doesnt give a rats fuck what you think.

you think youre doing whats right. youre wrong.

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Love this. It's a realistic tragedy and it had to be said.

I'm not into posts about anything involving money. Many still want liberty supposedly but the trending section shows clearly how much the green belt is still wrapped around their minds. I personally could care less about the economy. the whole Tron fad is hilarious to me. so many freaking out over meaningless materialistic ideologies.

Art, Mysticism, Science, Math, Music, anachy is about where I'm at, at the moment.

The song "Permanent Holiday" comes to my head in these matters.

Keep speaking your soul out!

cheers from corporate Babylon Mexico.

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So what IS the right thing to do?

Do you like cat pictures? Maybe some thoughts about the virus situation?

It's easy to point out what's wrong. It's much harder to point towards the right direction.