Exchange new domain name Steem-Engine.NET.

5개월 전

For your situational awareness.

The is no longer active, and it’s moving to the new official domain name yes it is a dot NET, update your bookmark now.

Image from website.

From @cryptomancer discord announcement. “Withdrawals and deposits of STEEM to Steem Engine should be working fine, but withdrawals & deposits of all other Steem Engine tokens are currently offline. We will work on restoring that service next.”

We are updating the API to

Stay safe out there.

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Thanks for the heads up. I have problem signing into steemengine for a while now. The new link doesn't seem to work either. When I clicked on the sign in. nothing happened. I don't know where is the trouble. Anyway......


They are still fixing some minor issue, it will be ok soon.


Okay, we shall see. Thank you! :-)