steem2wls is now a Whaleshares witness!

2년 전

We are happy to announce that we are now a Whaleshares witness! Please vote for our witness @steem2wls here!

What is steem2wls?

Since November, steem2wls enables Steem and Whaleshares users to cross-post between both these amazing blockchains automatically. Once set up, you can easily use Partiko, Steemit, Steemhunt or any other Steem dApp to post on Steem and your post will automatically get cross-posted to your Whaleshares account. To set up steem2wls, visit our website and follow the instructions!

While we now have almost 100 happy users including several paying for premium subscriptions (thanks to all of you for making steem2wls possible!), this does not fully cover our server costs currently. We hope that running a Whaleshares witness will change this and enable us to work on amazing new features such as two-way cross-posting.

Out witness

Our witness server is hosted in a reliable datacenter in Germany:

  • 20 GB DDR4 RAM
  • Intel Xeon CPU
  • 128 Gb Raid 10 SSD
  • 1 Gbit/s bandwidth

A witness dedicated to Whaleshares

As a witness, we support Whaleshares with the development of great tools. Apart from steem2wls itself, we have developed a tool to check the edit history of Steem and Whaleshares posts (the correct chain is detected automatically!). Originally developed to support curation efforts of the TravelFeed project on Steem, this is a useful tool for any curator or curious users. If you have an idea for a tool that you would like to see developed for Whaleshares, tell us!

In the near future, we are planning on launching an RPC full node. The full node will power steem2wls and make our service even more reliable, but we will also offer free, rate-limited access to the node.

Since the amazing community is the best thing about Whaleshares, we are looking forward to creating a community token and sponsoring community contests once we have accumulated some more Whalestake.

Who is behind steem2wls?

Steem2wls is developed by @jpphotography. I am a budget traveller, professional photographer and passionate coder. On my account @jpphotography you will find heaps of photos from around the world as well as posts about travel and development. I am co-founder of the TravelFeed community on Steem and am currently developing our Steem-based dApp

Please vote @steem2wls for witness here:

1.) Go to
2.) Scroll down, type in steem2wls and press "share"

Screenshot 20190406 at 16.25.03.png

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  ·  2년 전

@steem2wls do you guys have your discord server where we can ask for issues related steem2wls???


Yes, we do:

We had a problem with Steem nodes yesterday which is why your premium purchase wasn't processed correctly - sorry about that, we gave you 10 extra premium days for your trouble :)

Congratulations mate. See you there.


Thanks! Please consider voting for our witness if you like what we are doing :) Btw, are you still running a Whaleshares witness yourself?


Yes I am under chronopolis, and I do like what you are doing and will for sure cast a vote. Thanks for this great tool. Maybe we can add some more features that I have in mind. No rush

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Thanks! We are always open to suggestions, what features are you thinking of?

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