NextColony Contest to win chests worth 1,000 Steem


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Today we have something special for our @nextcolony players and everyone who wants to start the journey in this wonderful Steem blockchain game.

We are giving away ressource chests for the game worth 1,000 Steem! Yes you heard it right, that's a pretty awesome number so it won't be that easy to win, but everyone has a chance. We will use them for multiple contests. This one is the first contest.

At this point we want to thank @nextcolony for giving us the chests for a giveaway to our great SteemAce community. We really appreciate that.

How to participate in the giveaway

It's very easy to take part. You have to make a post or even multiple posts (if you want) about NextColony. You can write about whatever you want as long as the topic includes NextColony. It could be a gamereview, a tutorial, something creative, or whatever you can think of. It could even be a video.

There are three simple rules:

  • Use the tags #steemace and #nextcolony
  • Write something about Nextcolony
  • Post your content until 26.07.2019 at 22:00 UTC (one week)

Our team will choose the highest quality posts and will reward the chestss according to that.

What we are giving away exactly:

  • 1x Imperium Chest (99 Steem)
  • 2x Huge Chest (49 Steem)

For the next contests we have 4x Imperium Chests and 8x Huge Chests left. We will give them away in the following weeks, so don't forget to follow us.

If you don't play it yet you could start with it now and write about your first experience. A Chest would be a great boost for the beginning. Start your journey in NextColony with this link.

What is NextColony?

NextColony is a space simulation strategy game on the Steem blockchain where you are able to explore and fight. You start with a single planet where you build your base on. When your colony is advanceddvanced enough you can build the first ships and explore the galaxy. If you are lucky you will find another planet or even multiple ones.

You can always decide if you want to be a friendly explorer of the galaxy or if you want to build big battleships to fight your enemies.

Everything you do is saved on the blockchain. If you find a planet for example it is 100% yours. If you want you can sell it to another player or use it as a base for new explorations.

We are looking forward to your posts and we will constantly scan post on Steemace with the tag #nextcolony.

Important links

(All rewards of this post go to except GG Tokens which will be burned

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Wow, thats sounds for an epic GiveAway! i would liek to take Part with the BIGGEST Battle in the Galaxy so far! :)

Another Entry with a german explanation how to use the New Added Feature "KeyChain" into NextColony!

I will look into getting a post going about @nextcolony then when I get home after the weekend. Gives me another to write about and I could come up with a nice chunk of stuff about it. :)

After reading your post, I finally decided to start playing.

Hey there,

Here's my entry for both this contest and the Transporter-III contest being run by @nextcolony. Hope you don't mind sharing. :)

I (The Ultimate Lord) am sure, my Hamster-Army´s Win one of this very cool contest parts. :-)
But i have a Problem. My English is very bad. I wrote all my Hamster Next Colony post in German Language. Is that a big problem?
Greetz and Steem On!


You as the ultimate lord are allowed to post your next colony post in German and take part in the contest ;)

(Ich lese eh am liebsten in Deutsch)


Juhuuuu, die Hamster seien mit dir/euch.^^
DONE. :-)
Danke. :-)

First time on steemace, lemme see if I can give it a try.

Screenshot (141).png

Can't see any resources, and when I go to skill, there's nothing there. There's also an undefined button at the top.


If you log in for the first time, keychain does not work at the moment.
You need to use steemconnect and after you got your planet you can use keychain to log in every time.
The integration of keychain is new, I am sure they will fix this bug soon.


Alright, thank you

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Cool contest! I am entering with this baby:

Stardust - The NextColony In-Game Currency Has Arrived

Here is my entry:

I have been writing weekly updates of playing @nextcolony as a f2p game. I would love to win anything to help speed this up! Thank you for the contest :)