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“Trouble can be purchased cheaply, though the refund may be more than you can bear.”
― Roger Zelazny, Creatures of Light and Darkness

i'll start where the last chunk stopped :
i keep telling her : *its not a product , its a work ...* wether it will be art or not will be left to the eye of the beholder

I know these posts are quite long but that's okay, if they were quite short the same people would read it hah(ahlol) ... i know the seven magic words too and that secret spot but, ...

FAQ - type questions and a modicum of explanation on concepts and how-to start up / register / login will be available at the main site , navigate there and then it will show you a frontpage in icy blue with atm 3 buttons on top and a disabled login for the main bit (which will be quite a while away) Click the question mark to move to the realm of question marks :

Some posts explaining (on steemit in this case : )

(how to register the steemitwallet-account used with the website)

hmm ... that thing will be compiled linux desktop first ... unless microsoft gets a steem account and upvotes every single one of my posts to 1000 dollar or more ... in that case i might re-consider ... otherwise its just for fun (i am not applying for JOBs either okay ... besides im too damaged and crazy for any of that shit anymore anyway youd be 20 years too late)

At the moment :

@tyrnannoght combined vote 0.02133242502973 STEEM(!)after payout - 6 Wednesday May 2020, 2:30 UTC

@tyrnannoght holds:(20200504)

  • CCC : 5443 staked , (#creativecoin), not sure, but something seems fishy here .... well, creativecoin .. no more or less shady than any crypto i assume and well-adopted with a living actual community, hoping to see them expand on the options
  • GG : 5866 staked #GG (#steemace good-game tokens), same thing, community is very much alive , like anything on steemit you get the same people in the trending section (wink) so its normal and alive , and also : hoping to see them expand on the options in the future, get creative with whatever these things can do, if possible find ways to go about keeping it alive even if steem-engine were gone ...
  • UFM : 4544 staked , #UFM .. @upfundme #upfundme ... it's ... upfund me !
  • and others ofc. its like they keep growing , i find a new one almost every week from some drop? Somewhat annoying that it insists on listing all wallets even if they have zero balance. That will be massive clutter over the years (assuming it lasts for years ...)

Some media :

for the websites and other platforms scroll to the bottom of the post,
i check telegram once a day and will try the reply section on @tyrnannoght once a day but im not online 24/7 ofcourse

all images, code, programming, foul language, and about everything else copyright 2017 - 2150 alleycat.be (unless it is made available on opengameart or unless it is available on my sourceforge bit ) - trespassers in my cables will be shot, trolls will be marked ... survivors will be hung outside my window with their head on a pike on my driveway as a warning

i'll put up discord, facebook and the likes as it becomes available

the product will not make you rich nor will it make you popular or beautiful

no salespitch

no mediahype

the game is NOT open source, neither is any of the code around it ... (to me that makes perfect sense actually)

*Shrouded in mist* *on hilltop lies* *the City of Night*
(tyr - nan - noght)

for more you can check out :

pinterest : https://www.pinterest.com/alleycatd0033/

twitter : https://twitter.com/tyrnannoght

The Youtube Channel (click)

Facebook im not sure, it took about 8 hours before they started nagging to get my sisters panties

any questions about anything, you can drop a note on telegram at : https://t.me/tyrnannoght

any kind of abuse (spoofed email spam or anything at all), please drop a note to report at : https://t.me/tyr_abusereports

The goldmanmorgan actual website :

The @tyrnannoght actual website (where the game will be, moving servers atm ...

not sure how these things are supposed to work other than being able to mute but i parked one so no one steals the name like those domain-name hoggers who would extort you for 20 times the money later :

steemit Tyrnannoght community : here

powered by : @steembasicincome , @incinboost , @team-cn , @upfundme

if these mentions bother you please let me know in reply to @tyrnannoght or on telegram pls , those are the only two i check atm

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