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Next year I would like to Steemit as the most popular, most shouted and most loves blogging cum a social networking site!

Well, I am not an old user of steemit, but since I have joined steemit, I have found it the most valuable digital place ever (including online gaming and other social networking sites)

I really want to see steemit as a leading social networking site in 2019. I thing a couple of changes can make that happen.

  • An improved and user-friendly UI chat section: can help the communication level with a boost. Yes, is there, but It needs some real modification so that it becomes like massanger/whatsapp.

  • @Steemmonster is really bold move. We need more games based on steem blockchain. We have to make them the way outsider people will love them and through them, they will join steem.

  • The way of showing Ads in the platform needs a magic touch. Other social sites are earning billions through Advertising, and we can too.

  • Decentralized system is the future I believe.. and We have to represent the system a hope to new people. Unique features, more user-friendly UI, Creating more offline programs, shout outs, Prize/honor ceremonies..whatever it takes to prove people that we are the best.

Keep Calm And Keep Steeming!

Merry Christmas.

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For me I see steem to gain much better price than it is now. It is going to climb to its highest point in the bull market. And every one on the blockchain will be happy than he /she is now.

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The last day already! This month sure went by quickly! I think for next year's Advent Contest there will be many more people entering every single day to try to win the really valuable Steem Power that is being given away! All the new Steem users will be envious of everyone who was here entering the 2018 contest, and wishing they had started using Steem sooner!

Merry X-mas - Dec., 2019, i don't know, just hope we can get engagement ramping back up to 2017 levels. We all know 2018 was rough in crypto, I think 2019 will bring many surprises we can't yet anticipate. Peace !

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For 2019, I see a lot of success coming to Steemit. Steem's Smart Media Tokens are supposed to launch in March, according to Ned. The launch of SMT's will spark a lot of growth in the Steem ecosystem.

DTube, one of the top Steem DApps, will be creating their own SMT as well as some other currently existing DApps. The SMT's due to how they function, will increase the price of Steem as the DApp developers will need to stake away their Steem to use network resources.

In short, I think the SMT's releasing Q1 2019 will have a huge impact on the Steem ecosystem. We will begin to see more DApps coming to the ecosystem and as a result we will see an increase in demand for Steem.

As far as price goes, it's anyone's guess. Crypto markets aren't very rational. My prediction for the price by x-mas 2019 is $1.50, though. We have seen Steem worth more than that just a year ago. I think $1.50 is a pretty conservative guess. A lot of it will depend on how the roll out of SMT's go and the kinds of DApps that are created with them.

I feel we will be in a much stronger place in Dec 2019. What I want and what I am also hoping for is for a bunch of even more wonderful and variety of Dapps that should come out on the platform making it more even interesting and fun being here!

Happy holidays to everyone from the Esteem Team!

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I think a lot of positive changes would take place in 2019. I won't say 2019 will be the year steem moons but I feel the price of steem will up by 50%-70% and we would have more engagement then we do now. In terms of investments, I think we will have some new investments and developers on the blockchain. Most of our existing projects will be upgraded and we would be one step closer to our goal of mass adoption.

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Although no one can perfectly predict the future of a thing but it is better to always be optimistic and positive.

Steem value in this year's Christmas is obviously very low whereas Steemit is still blossoming which depicts a brighter future for its coin.

So in 2019 Christmas, I see Steem being pegged at $7.00 and above. Steemit in 2019 will break new grounds as well as being among top rated platform. In this year, Steemit has won in many contest which shows mass adoption. So I am certain that in 2019, Steemit will be greater in every area. I see more members being onboarded. I see investors coming into the system.

A great future awaits Steemit/Steem in 2019!!

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Merry Christmas @good-karma and @esteemapp
Next year I wanna see Steemit in the highest peak of blogging.2018 was just the imagination of mooning but people are still positive looking forward for the blockchain to succeed.Small.and big fish will be swimming all together to the deepest part of the ocean and rejoice.
That is my greatest hope in.the name of God. I myself will learn more improvement to empowered ability showing people that Steemit did help to improved our life and way of living.
Thank you!

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A great writer and philosopher, Andre Malraux, said: "The twentieth century will be religious or no longer" and he was not right.
That means it's very hard to make a prediction.

  • I think Steemit / Steem will be better than now and those who have chosen to be active and devoted in these heavier moments will be rewarded.
ย  ยท ย 3๋…„ ์ „

I don't see a lot of financial betterment but I do want to see some of my dear friends staying around just the way they are :) They are more of an asset

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Looking at the historical data, Steem on 25th December 2016 was pricing around. 13 cents, on 25 December 2017 it was over $3.
As for December 2019, I am pretty much hopeful for Steem and other cryptocurrecies as they will find its way to regulations.
So I could be pricing around $10.

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