Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Day 11 winners!

8개월 전


We would like to congratulate our winners of Steem Advent Calendar 2018, Day 11!

Winners are getting Day 11 post reward (50%, 30%, 20% respectively).

All prizes are powered up to the winners:

  1. @futuremind
  2. @welshstacker
  3. @ferrate

Congratulations! Rewards will be powered up soon! And please continue your awesome participation. There is still a lot of time before Christmas!

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Awwww........ I made it once again.
My month has had the joy it wants because of @esteemapp. I thank the entire team a lot and congrats to the other two winners.

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Congrats, man!

I have already winner Top 3. "Comments and eSteem Giveaway in the discord."

looks like in the future I will also get it in this program, keep smile

Wow! I'm a bit speechless at the moment.

Thank you so much!!! @esteemapp

I'm so very honored and grateful to have been chosen as one of the winners. 🙏

The real win, is being a part of this great community!!!
Much love eSteemer's!




Congrats to the winners! Such an awesome giveaway thats for sure

Thank you for your incredible giveaway. Merry Christmas to all.


Congrats to everyone!