Top 3 Steem Advent winners 2018

8개월 전


After great participation in our Steem Advent Calendar contest we would like to choose Top 3 users who participated most actively and reward them with 100% upvote from @esteemapp account as a Christmas and New Year gift.

Top 3 winners:

  1. @melinda010100
  2. @iamjadeline
  3. @ferrate

So congratulations to all the winners and Happy New Year again! We wish you great holidays and inspiration for achieving new heights!

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Oh my...this is my first gift of 2019!!! how amazing is that . Thank you @esteemapp :)

Congratulations to @melinda010100 and @ferrate. Congratulations to all who participated 😉😃😎


I only wish to be as consistent as the three of you! Big congrats and this was a wonderful event.

Wooooaw.... Am really speechless. This is like a dream come through. I never thought I was going to get a 100% upvote from @esteemapp but today the biggest history on my blockchain life have been made possible by esteemapp.

I say a very big Thank you to the entire team of esteemapp, and to my other winning partners @melinda010100 and @iamjadeline, I say CONGRATULATIONS

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High-5!!! I am also so happy... It is really like the best gift ever! Congrats!!! 💐🎉👍


Yea... It is such a great gift to start the year and I pray our luck shines till the end

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That was unexpected and such a generous gift! What a great way to start the new year. Thank you so much and congrats to @iamjadeline and @ferrate, too. @esteemapp is the best!


Yes, indeed it is a great way to start the year. First gift of the year. :)


howdy Melinda! great job on the these contests!

Congrats! Well deserved...

Congratulations my friends @melinda010100, @iamjadeline and @ferrate. Keep eSteem ON!


Thank you so much! 😊

Congratulations to @melinda010100 @iamjadeline an d @ferrate. I think @Esteemapp should the entire winners Board. It was an eventful contest.

Thank you @Esteemapp

A big congrats to the winners. I took first once and second two times. I wait for other contests! Thanks for the great job


Congrats to you! It was a fun contest!


Yea it was but was not an easy one.


Congratulations 🎊 @melinda010100, @iamjadeline and @ferrate. Keep it up!


Thank you @horpey. I am so happy and so grateful.. ❤️


You're welcome dear ❤, more to come at least you've opened new year with a vintage 😉


Thank you so much! It was a fun contest and I appreciate all the work you all put into it.


Thanks for the compliment!

congratulation to you all winner



Congratulations to@melinda010100,@iamjadeline and @ferrate. More grace to you .

Thanks @esteemapp for organizing this .

Happy new year and blessings I pray to you this year.


Thank you so much :)


Thank you and Happy New Year to you, too!

Congrats to the winners.
Well played :)

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Oh heck no, I haven't even joined a single one of the contests! Huhu. I never knew until I checked esteemapp today. Oh boy.

Congratulations to the winners!