LID Report Thursday 8/1/2021. (Spotlight: shadow) (100% Powered up)

2개월 전

Time : 12:45am
Location : Lagos
Date : 8th January 2021

I woke around 12:45am with the intention of downloading a program.


The weather is hot on like the other day which was cold. I tried until 5:05 am without any success. So it was really not cool for me, so I had to try and sleep a little since I didn't do that throughout the night.
So I woke up around 8:09am and started going through my inbox, and prepare for the three meetings I have to attend today.


The air is very hot this morning with the warm sun coming up gradually, I had to go and buy fuel for my generator, if not heat go kill person.
Even BEI did not find it funny at all.


So I attended all three zoom meetings which do not stop, lol.


The mango tree is acting as a shade in this very hot weather.


Am home thinking on how to get to Lekki tomorrow, another war again?
Have a nice evening all.


Written by @cryptocheta
For @steemalive

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No one can predict what the weather gives us this days. The hotness is also same down here but with the use of light it only gets better.
You did have a great day...
Thanks for posting @cryptocheta


@xkool24 you are right about this"No one can predict what the weather gives us this days". Things are really changing, thanks for your comments

Trees are of many economic important and providing shade for living things are one of them
#twopercent #nigeria #affable


Very true, "Trees are of many economic important and providing shade for living things". Thanks for your comments @eberechi10

Wonderful post, keep it up.


Thank you @chuksammy I will try o, as long as NEPA gives me light lol

Such a big tree. Is that an old one?

And there are so many people in that zoom meeting. I never attend one with that many people. Lol 😆😆

I'm sorry for the weather. We're having a cool season right now. Though, some places are in flood and some roads are closed.

Thanks for sharing, @cryptocheta.
Your profile picture always give me a scare. Lol 😆😂


Sorry about my profile picture I will improve on it so that it doesn't scare you lol. For the zoom meeting, sometimes we have more in some training. For the tree it is very old, I will find out how old for you. Thanks @sarahraudhah for your love comments.