LID Reporting. Thursday 14/1/2021. (Spotlight: The sky) 100% powered up.


1st LID
Date : 14/1/2021
Location : Lagos
Time : 4:45am

I slept around 11:26pm the previous day, am shocked waking at this time, because I usually wake earlier. I guess maybe it's because of the weather which is very cool. Am happy at least even if I did not sleep the minimum recommended hours (which is 8 hours) by the doctors, me I know that I tried o, lol.
I started the day by going through my text, giving thanks to God for the gift of live, am putting Him first in all decisions. After that I checked my @fur-friends whatsapp chat group to see if there is any message which there was enough to add. Also check my steemit site to reply and comment of people's post.
I have a lot of activities today but one cannot really do anything without cash, so first I have to visit the ATM close to French village at Badagry.


2nd LID report
Date: 14 /1/2021
Location : Badagry
Time : 11:49am

The sun is really hot today, I can feel it on my face, if I had known I would have used a face cap. I just got to my bus stop, and I have been waiting for 10 minutes now for a car. Fortunately for I saw a very neat car, I guess the owner is not a cab driver maybe he needs urgent money that is why he is using it to pick passengers.


When I got to the ATM machine I was surprised not to see a crowd there. Looks like a plan work lol, I just have to hurry before the crowd show, and am saying this from expirence.


I want to insert my ATM card please guys close your eyes, lol.



The LID capture for today "THE SKY" it looks so lovely, thanks to the creator.



3rd LID
Date : 14 /1 /2021
Location : Badagry
Time : 4:58 pm

I am really hungry o, after seing some lectures in French village. Coming out from the school I saw this👇


And that is a reasonable solution to my hunger, sorry o @ngoenyi I can't share this Lola, maybe next time. So I bought some and added some spring onions, fried rice is calling me o, lol.



4th LID
Date :14 /1 /2021
Location : Badagry
Time : 7:30 pm

Am in my house now and a friend is inviting me to come out, but I don't feel like, just took my bath. I think I should go o, since there is no light and am not ready to sleep now nor do I have the power for generator.

Thanks for reading through my LID report.

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Oh my goodness, please share that carrot with Lola and Hazel na, hope you are not in SMENS Association. Even the picture is making my pets to hunger for it. Saii, huncle, cheta



Hahaha ha my situation that day would have made me president SMENS, but now I can see clearly because no more hunger. Carrots is very good for us very rich in vatamin especially the small ones. Thanks for your reply.

Hahaha...very funny and interesting lid report. Those carrots are so beautiful, now you are making me want to go out and look for this fresh I love the your spotlight picture, so beautiful.


Thanks you are welcome to come join me in eating the carrots lol, thanks for your reply @kinkyamiee.

Hello my friend. You have a wonderdul reports. I see you enjoyed that carrot wella. I don't really like em. That's by the way, your reports are interesting thanks for reporting live with us..



Thank you @bright-obias for your comments. Carrots are very good just try and cultivate the habit of eating, it works many things in the body.


Thanks for encouraging me to eat carrots...


You are welcome my brother ☺️☺️