Steem and Me - The 5 Questions

4년 전

         I was tagged by @c0ff33a for this challenge. It's starting to remind me of the old chain mails on Myspace and Facebook. That brings me back a little bit, but I don't miss it.

The following questions will be about my experience on Steem:

1.) In my opinion, what are the two greatest aspects of the steem platform?

         Like many other projects out there, it is still in its early phase. It doesn't hurt to dive in and mingle with its denizens and big players. The potential is many times greater than your investment of time and money. The keyword here is potential.

         You are free to do what you want on this platform within the limits of the codes. You are also free to receive any consequences coming your way. Remember, to embrace both sides of the coin. Nobody owes you infinite positivity.

2.) What are the 2 biggest complaints I have concerning the Steem platform?

  1. @ned
  2. Steemit, Inc.

         I don't think I need to go into the details about those two. The records speak for themselves. I don't hate either entity. I just wished they'd do things a bit differently. In fact, I don't even see @ned using the platform at a quick glance.


         Which is worse? Charlie Lee selling his LTCs to avoid conflict of interests and further decentralize the currency while being compared as a CEO who sells his stake? Or is it @ned who is literally the CEO of STINC who can't even be bothered using and cross posting updates with the dapps on the platform?

         As for STINC, I actually have not gotten to know some of their employees. I know some of them may have committed to @steemerica in 2019, but that is still a bit away. However, I think it'll be great to hear from those like @kittyninja in the future.

         Oh...please don't get started on the whole @dlive situation. Go read @meno's post and his comment to @wa7. I don't need to rehash what's already been said.

3.) What 2 moments are the most memorable to me?

         The first SBD I earned. I even made a meme about it on @dmania. Here's the link: Fun times down the memory lane.

         The other one was my first trending post. I didn't get much interaction on there, but it was cool nonetheless.

4.) What are the two most important lessons I've learned during my time as a Steemian?

         First and foremost, many want to be free and live the anarchist dream, but few are willing to take the other end of the stick: eat flags. Large SP can drown you out, but they can never silence you. When it's all said and done, whatever you post here stands as a monolith of your testimony.

         The most important thing, however, is to remember that Steem is still a small ecosystem. Stressing over it will not help you in real life. Diversify your attention as you'd with your portfolio and you'd be so much happier in life.

5.) Out of my entire time here, which 2 posts am I most proud of?

         See #3.


         Obviously, these are probably not the most accurate answers, but they are the first things that popped in my mind that I am willing to share. Some of those questions are worth a few posts alone.

         I am not gonna bother to tag anyone for this challenge. They can do it if they want. Take care, folks!

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Wow almost 86 autovotes! moving up in the bot world we have on steemit.

I agree with you about steemit inc. Everyone has to remember that it is a private company. I also think there are some falsehoods that have occurred with them holding the majority interest of the steem out there.

If the mining was open and all could have participated, I don't think just a few people would be holding all the steem. And if freedom and pumpkin are ned too then all is much worse. To be involved with a company that is controlled by an inexperienced young guy, who is micro managing everything with no real management skills, is a very sad experience for all who have invested their time and money into it.

I can say for me that the best thing and only value I have from this platform is a few good friends like you who I believe I can trust and who I think will have my back undermost circumstances.

The finance side of it is a total loss for me.


About 60 auto votes lol

And thanks for considering me to be your friend. Hopefully, things will work itself out in the long run.

Getting out of the 15 delagation was a memorable moment for me.


That is indeed a good time.

Good post about your experiences of Steem and Steemit! I took a break from it all for about 3 months this summer, and am back in a much more limited fashion, as in your advice to diversify your attention! Other areas of my life had been put on hold while I got so caught up in Steemit! At one point my portfolio was at $12,500, and the rest is history. Lol! No sense in stressing. It’s not my only interest in life, but I do enjoy my time here!


It's true. Stressing is kind of pointless here. Just enjoy the ride.


Great advice that I am trying to follow now!




I'm impressed you can remember all those moments!


The blockchain remembers.


Ah, the mark that stays forever...

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Great post!
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