Steemit may be migrate to tron blockchain join Esteem App

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Steemit purchased by justin sun @justinsunsteemit its confirmed now and its still not clear What happened in future with steemit Dapp so if steemit migrate to tron blockchain what options and alternatives we have if you are also looking for this question
Check @esteemapp esteem is best Dapp right now on steem blockchain


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I love esteem app its developed by @good-karma a leading developer and witness on steemit I used it regularly currently I am on number 3 spot on the list of weakly leaderboard of esteem app it's a proof how much I can used esteem app daily after spreading steemit and tron FUD

I think @esteemapp should be a number one choice for steem blockchain community because its offerd to earn ESTM points with steem power ,SBD rewards by using this app

ESTM points can be used for promoting and boosting you post on esteem app that's very cool feature after using this app from 7 days I almost forgot I don't prefer any other steem based dapps over esteemapp

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The community should understand that the value of this distributed ledger is the community using it and the developers who build awesome dapps on this ledger. The company who has been purchased by Tron is but a part of this great ecosystem.


Yes steemit is a part of steem blockchain ecosystem not a whole ecosystem but it's not good for steem if a well known Dapp migrate to other blockchain or network the permission and agreement of current users of steemit

There should be mutually beneficial relationship and collaboration between tron and steem blockchain community

Yeah esteem is for sure better than


@esteemapp have mobile applications for android, iOS and also can be used on desktop it also offers ESTM points which can be converted to steem and steem dollars by promoting and boosting posts, ESTM also can be transferred to other esteem app users that's why esteem app better than


Yeah, what I said was a statement, not a question (;

I’ve been using the desktop and mobile apps for several months now 👍🏼

I’m not sure steemit would move. Might have similar dapps, but still steemit blockchain will be on its own.


Steemit is not a blockchain steem is a blockchain


Thanks for the correction

That's my go-to mobile app and it's very much efficient. It use to be buggy but all bugs are fixed now. I don't think Justinsun will want to bring down steem


Yes I also love this app but I am facing a problem I am not able to see top posts in @esteemapp I requested to good-karma please fix it