Steem Apps - Update #2

8개월 전

After the latest update 7 days ago for Steem Apps, I've continued to work on a few exciting and much wanted & needed features.

These features include an app submit & edit option, 30 days filtering/sorting for data and a detail page for apps.

Let me start with the most wanted feature.

Steem Apps supports now an automatic submission of apps, including edits of already existing apps.

I wanted to get this done as fast as possible, so all apps on Steem could be listed on Steem Apps in addition with providing websites, like State of the Dapps with the data of those apps, since Steem Apps is also an API provider.

However, this feature required quite a bit of planning and extra development work, as for example the detail-page for apps.

Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Submit Apps

The submission and listing of apps are free-of-charge and will be processed and approved manually.

Edit Apps

Edits will be approved manually.

In the future, with a more mature Steem Apps website, new attributes/fields will be added (chance is high).

Display & sort data based on 30 days

Data is always changing and can look quite different when comparing 24hours between a week. That's why I thought it's quite valuable to display data for 30 days as well.

Github Links

Frontend PR:

Backend PR:

What's next?

All right, with the new features introduced and explained, I want to keep this post short.

There is a lot I've planned for Steem Apps and the main/end-goal is to provide a website that everyone can share as a tool for convincing people why Steem is the blockchain to build the next dApp, app or service, relying on a fast and "free" blockchain.

But as you might know by now, I prefer on doing the work first and then talking about it, so when the time is right and the work has been done, you'll see another update post for Steem Apps.

However, if you'd like to work with me on Steem Apps, feel free to contact me or submit a PR ;)

Also, if you are developing or are managing an app, please submit it to Steem Apps if you haven't done this yet,

All the best,


Do you believe that my work is valuable for Steem? Then please vote for me as witness.

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  • Post looks good, code as well.
  • Don't forget to look at the pending PRs

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Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Great work. Your efforts have been crucial to the State of the dApps listing which has really put Steem on the map.

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Good Stuff!

We do have a suggestions though;

  1. In the landing page or main page you can add an introductory description of what Steem is for first timers to make sense of what's on the list.

  2. Pop-up description of what the parameters mean and how are the apps ranked

  3. have a sort button for "type" column (interface/Dapp/App etc.) rather than on the words themselves

  4. Turn the whole row into hyperlink to "".

We do think this page makes much more sense as Steem Blockchain's "front page" as it is more reflective of the Steem Ecosystem.

We wont mind to consider adding on Steem's CoinGecko page once the website is more complete or this gain more traction! howbout that?


Thank you for these suggestions!

In the landing page or main page you can add an introductory description of what Steem is for first timers to make sense of what's on the list.

I agree and that's something I've been thinking about how to add it. Would you prefer to see a "landing-page" or the rankings with a widget on top as the initial page?

Pop-up description of what the parameters mean and how are the apps ranked

Already thought about implementing that - good idea!

have a sort button for "type" column (interface/Dapp/App etc.) rather than on the words themselves


Turn the whole row into hyperlink to "".

What do you mean with that? (

We wont mind to consider adding on Steem's CoinGecko page once the website is more complete or this gain more traction! howbout that?

I think that would be a win/win situation for all of us.


Think with the whole row being a hyperlink they mean that clicking anywhere on the row leads to the info about the page rather than just the image/name.


Thanks for the clarification! that is exactly what we meant.


Yea, I would like that too. The whole thing being boxed off makes it seem like you should be able to click anywhere.


It's our pleasure!

Would you prefer to see a "landing page" or the rankings with a widget on top as the initial page?

Here's what we personally think. Since the ranking is's main product, it's better for users to land there immediately, be it first-timers or regular visitor.

You can create a separate page to redirect users who want a deeper dive into what the Steem Blockchain is. Otherwise, just a widget explaining what is would be cool.

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So, the latest vision I am seeing for Steem (others too) is a landing page for sign ups and a "map" or list of apps like this one.

So, this goes really well with my current thinking.

I've also decided I agree with you about funding apps instead of end users.


A map for the Steem dapps would be great actually. @therealwolf maybe something that can be added to

Say a site that just has each relevant dap in sections of "video", "images", "games", etc.


Every "app" on Steem Apps has already a category, it isn't displayed tho yet, as vertical space has been missing in the ranking overview.

But there is the def. the goal to have a different overview for categories.

Feel free to draw up something (even with words) that you have in mind with "revelant dapps in sections".


This is good for when there are a lot of dapps, so people can find something they may be interested in that doesn't have a lot of tx/24h yet.


We could make a mapp of dapps! Similar to what we did with @therealwolf, any sort of JSON API with your app?


Appreciate the comment. I think we would have needed a much better landing page for at least a year now since most users came to Steemit and thought that was it.

But better late then never, even though much of the reward pool is sadly going in the wrong direction.

Feel free to "draw up" something that you have in mind with "map" - Steem Apps is open source simply because it has the goal to bring value for Steem - it's not a commercial project at all. API is being offered free-of-charge to web-apps like state of the dapps etc.

So if you want to get involved, feel free!


Yes it is sad to see where Steemit is going. I believe a system is always going to be gamed, as the universe is a very large game in most respect. As above so below.

We have designed a better system for curating content, but in the mean time I like the Map idea, as that's pretty much what we do!

I will have to look into your API!


What might be of some value is that all apps that have steemit delegation have a link to the landing page of the Steem Map so users can find other places more easily. The interfaces (or any other site) could do the same if they choose.

Perhaps @Steemonboarding could have a page they maintain for this purpose?

Awesome work! Keep it up :)

This is very exciting. It will be easier for developers to give their apps visibility, and for others to find them.

You're doing amazing work for steemit Therealwolf :D

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Thanks for the update! Upvoted!!

Looks gorgeous so far. I'll be sure to share this in a few places.

Keep up the awesome work man!

Good job.. It will help a lot to dapp developers.. Thank you.

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Good work, I already have Steem App open all the time and its exciting to see the data coming in.
If you also could implement charts for the data in the future, that would be incredible!

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All I wanted to say, this looks great! 🙌🏼

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Sehr schön! Gute website mach weiter so.

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I'm no computer wiz but could like a website merge with steem. Like soundcloud joined and people could upvote music on there and get rewarded or would that be too big a task.

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organized and convenient. a lot will find this helpful. well-thought of concept! kudos!

Great site! I tried to submit there but it asks too much info that I don't know about it and I feel lazy. Just in case you're going to check it out, is a discussion platform where one can start a new discussion and then others can view it and give it pros or cons. It's a very dead platform at the moment but I think it could work wonderfully when communitys opinions are asked as you can see the percentage of pros and cons, so it would not seem like all the doom sayers are 50% of the community. Heres a link:

Love the drive to just get it done rather than brag about it!

It's definitely a positive vibe.

Thanks for sharing the updates. Gives me a boost on the state of the future.

looks good... one thing I'm not clear on and maybe that is where a bit of a guide would help. What is the difference between a "Dapp" and an "App"?

If Steemit Inc isn't going to upgrade the interface would be nice to see them redirect it to Steemapps so folks can choose where to go when they arrive.

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