Behemoth Realms : Prometheus Island

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Greetings art lovers, today I am resuming our journey towards the island of Prometheus.

Miscere Homunculi
Prometheus is the smallest island of my realms, it is populated by Miscere Homunculi: creatures with human and aquatic animal characteristics, some Miscere Homunculi are fond of parasols and umbrella.

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Pandalus (cold-water prawn) is a genus of shrimp.
fascinating fact : Members of this genus are protandric hermaphrodites, starting life as males and later becoming females. Wikipedia

Littorina Umbrellata
(Littorina with umbrella)
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<< Left: Anatomy of Littorina

Littorina is a genus of small sea snails.
Are found on the seashore in the littoral zone and sublittoral zone in all parts of the world. Wikipedia

No particular example was followed for Littorina Umbrellata's shell.

Miscere ([ita. «méscere» [lat. miscēre «mescolare» [eng. «mixing») Homunculi's fondness for umbrella and parasol is inspired by my great-grandfather, he made his business to repair umbrellas and shoes.

Next time ... Eating, Contemplation & Brotherly Love
- Nautilus -
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I love the Littorina Umbrellata. Very cute and with such an original name!

Great post, @lady-idra! Nice to see you back!


Thanks @trincowski - Have a good day 8-)

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