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My first Steemit experience was possible THX to @lastravage. He enter a competition on my behalf and that lead to brainstorm alongside musicians, entrepreneurs and crypto-gurus from Atom Collector Records & Indie Music Plus, to design the official cryptocurrency token INDIE. @indiemusicplus @atomcollector That was a good way to start, even better is the support I've found along the way from fellow Steemians, To You All, Thank You.

Journal of Experimental Botany

Galanthus Nivalis
Journal of Experimental Botany Mix Media on A3 Paper, 2015

Gladiolus Carneus
Journal of Experimental Botany Mix Media on A3 Paper, 2015

The making of Journal of Experimental Botany was spread throughout the arch of a month with a drawing per day, it was not difficult to keep myself motivated, plants are fascinating creatures.

On the drawing board
In Behemoth we have a series of owls merging and embodying the tree of knowledge.

A&C - Flowers & Chocolate

Here a short video, just because I fancied doing something different.

More flowers and chocolate to sweeten my day and create a composition worth receiving.

Pink, Yellow & a new variety of Leaf.

It went down a treat!

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Happy Anniversary !!! Keep Rocking !!! :)


Thank You @lastravage.
I can hear the echo of a fly from the studio... very anticipated for me this is! ;)


Not much of a giveaway for whomever reads your statement...
Apart for you and me, no one will have a clue about what you mean.... :D


Not much of a teaser is it?

Congratulations. You have remained very consistent and true to yourself during all this time! Well done! 🎂

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