[Contest] Suggest New Features and Win Some SBD!

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Hello My Friends,
Today Interface of SteemAuto updated.
So, Let's Add more Features and Improve it.

What is SteemAuto?

I know we have some little problems, but I'm working on them.
You can Suggest New Features or New ideas for SteemAuto.
Some or All of Best Suggestions will Receive Some SBD. Depends on quality of your comments.


No Rules, Comment What you think!
Please try to make it only one comment.


Up to 50 SBD,
Good Comments will Get More SBD.

Thanks For Participating in this Contest.



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I think, you should at least add a FAQ section in SteemAuto. I have set up my accounts today, however, I had to go through several links to understand. It would be best to have the answers in the site itself.


@mahdiyari Would it be possible to add an estimated curation rewards amount for users? For example based on your steem power you will likely earn xxx from curation rewards per day. Hope this helps.

Pleas add some Feature for Ban a Spam. It is a Job for steemcleaners.org but this guys need our help to. I dont know exakt what I will, but Spam is a Problem. And thank you, Great Job!

Dude, what is Steem auto, please add that too to this post :)


Thanks, Added. :)

Well I saw the site and your project both are good but i want to suggest in my opinion you should bring some good features.Like the github marking style is having very less style bring thumbnail type so that one can put more picture in a slide type in given small space and same for vedio, this feature will make post looking and style too good.
I will personally request you to bring some new tech for making post looking good.

Hello. I believe Steem Auto is something new because i never came across it before. What i would suggest is that on the Home page, explain to use in detail what is SteemAuto, What does it do, and how do we use it.

I see there is a video there but it really unclear and confusing, especially for the new users.. So write a full description of your website and it's functionality.

Regards. And Good Luck ♡

I like the general look of it. I had a small issue with the sign up process and wrote a post about it here: https://steemit.com/steemauto/@leap8/steemauto-sign-up-process-flaw-and-suggestions
I hope it's useful :-)

I am newbie here so your post is helpful for me @mahdiyari

Hello @steemauto , I'm happy to be among the first few members on your site .👍 I was having problem understanding how an alternative site works ,but I joined a trail on your site and hey , it worked 👍, I auto votes 👍.

I'm glad you steemauto crew are looking up for suggestions from it's users 👍.

Well, it wasn't stressful for me the day I registered on the site. Maybe because I'm a tech guy or something . But firstly , if I would love anything to be changed on your site. Let it be the ** register or login button**
I would love those buttons to appear immediately after a brief intro of the website on the homepage.


I'm sure some new users who don't know much about navigation would want to register after reading the brief intro and watching the introduction YouTube video on the website but won't see the register button because it requires and additional click for it to be visible. And it's just little at the top

While trying to login or register , I clicked on the navigation button. I love the green colour there 👍😂 that's my best . And also nice text fonts there 👍 but how about if the support button move down ? I think it'd be cool that way . Contact + help videos = support button should be somewhere down.


After logged in , I'm surprised how it brought me back to introduction page , !!!!!! I have read and understood what Steemauto is already. So @steemauto kingly make a Successfull logged in page to appear after a user logs in.

Lastly , I would have loved this contest be a separate post on our Steemit blog so others can know what Steemauto.com offers .

Thank you . #rufans

FAQ option fr new users

Just joined, the process was fairly easy. I had to redue my vote curaton description as a trailer because at first I mis-understood exactly what it was. As a suggestion to make it easy to recognize the trailer purpose perhaps put the text you used in the welcome box on the trailer page. "You can Follow Someone in Curation Trail and Upvote Posts which That User Upvoted."

Great contest !
Suggestions :

  • Registration with steemconnect
  • make an interactive user guide
  • Add a search bar in the curation trail
  • Add a french translation ^^
  • Enhance the editor for scheduled posts (add preview,...)
  • try to optimize the site (there is some latency)

I love your project ! Thank you
What I prefer is that there are no limits, unlike steemvoter.

Good continuation !

SteemAuto is a good tool, I am not using it at the moment because my Steem Power is too low, so I can't vote too much, I need to measure every vote. But that will change in the future.

About scheduling, I was thinking in using that feature, but I am posting directly on Busy because they upvote my post (if I post there).

My suggestion: Maybe you could do something similar like Busy, give upvotes to people using your website. It's working for me, I am posting there for that reason.

Up above their was the problems i Noticed,
I would like you guys to add the
.down vote features
. Spam cleaner
.Github addition
. Easy uploads of pictures
.Power up on scheduling post
Is it anyhow possible to add a feature like a messaging feature to keep steemauto with steemians alive, we can make new friends though.

Only that it can make the site become over crowding.

maybe make the submit post page look more familiar to steem submit post page with multiple thumbnails and videos preview

When i first visited the site and registered, i Was amazed with the interface though,
and every potential value the site does.

it seems pretty cool,the fanbase, scheduled post all looks great, but i think mobile users will notice that clicking the trailers and u trying to follow a trailers,a novice using his mobile phone, may be confuse, cause it doesn't show on a full screen the follow bottom untill change to landscape mode.

i spend couple of minutes clicking the trailers name directing me to steemit, after following i went back but can't see the trailer i followed on the steemauto follow space
i repeated this process severally, until i observed that i can move around ⬅ 👆
↪ ⬇, that was about yesterday.

today i logged in only to notice that the interface has changed but now its better and good cause the features are now placed on the left point, its colors is great, it is now bad for mobile users cause u cant see half of it on portrait mode only landscape, but for system owners its 💪 💪 its not even good for mobile view at all.

Its zoom is too bad,, it works well only when i turn my phone to landscape mode. It doesn't move 👆 ⬇ ↪ or left ⬅ this time,

My mobile phone is infinix hot2,
i don't know if anyone experienced such.

Until turn like this

More pics,

Untill this


Thanks for Reporting.
Check now Please!


Ok, I'm on it now,

"You can Follow Someone in Fanbase and Upvote That User's Posts Instantly after Publishing."

Instead give users the choice to vote between 1-30 minutes after the post has been published.


You Can change the time from 0 to 30 minutes by clicking on 'Settings' button.

I think just explaining what it is will help. I had not heard of it until now. I would suggest a minor change. You've heard of Color psychology? well I would change the left panel at steemauto from Purple to a lighter green.

The purple you used is a cold color, lighter green would be a warm, more soothing and inviting color. Just my opnion. :)



Thanks, now it is Green.


Aaahhh... Perfect.

Checking it out now from the video sounds quite interesting

Google translate
I use SteemAuto. As an improvement, I would have liked to choose where I wanted to insert the post. I would welcome the possibility of sending a post to busy.org

You made a great site. Perhaps it is good to put additional options on making pictures (those who are not designers do not know how to arrange images). That would bring at least 300% of new users.
Automatic voting is good, but there is a problem with automatic comments. You can not solve this with the software. But automatic greeting cards for birthdays, for religious holidays and weekends - that would be great.
To make voter statistics by time zone. When is it best to put a post for my audience? It's also a great strategy that will bring you new users.


Thank you for this useful project to all of us

As we talk already…
I used scheduled posts of SA yesterday and I have some suggestions:

  1. enable edit of the post while it is waiting for publishing - now I must delete it and created again only to change the time of the post or something else.
  2. preview of the post. Now I need to create in steemit and then copy the title tags and body...
  3. rise from 100 to 168 hours. This will enable to post in a week
  4. enable self-vote and 100 % power up of the post
  5. Put link on the front page of SF to SA and vice versa

To be continued...


Thanks for your video!
now it's in homepage:)

Wow this is great opportunity to earn

A link on the steemauto site for @steemfollowers and vise versa. I had no idea you created another way to benefit steemians. I just refresh page with new posts and this one is at the top. I may have to comb over my followers so that I can read the more important posts ;)


i think is good to add content curator service and sbd biding service for investors

I just discovered it since I'm new in here, I have a feeling that I'm gonna like it ;)

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