Downvote trails on Steemauto - Free feature

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This is just a quick update to the community:
Downvote trail is now available on Steemauto just same as Curation trail with little differences

  • Creating Downvote trail needs at least 1,000 SP to be in creator's account
  • Following a Downvote trail needs at least 250 SP to be in follower's account

There was a discussion to add fee for creating Downvote trails, but Steemauto is a free service despite our server costs.

Note: Default threshold on Downvote mana is 70% which you can change in your dashboard under settings

Mini update:
We raised the minimum SP requirement for broadcasting votes
Min SP to broadcast an Upvote is 15SP*
Min SP to broadcast a Downvote is 30SP*

*: on 100% voting power and 100% voting weight

Thanks again for your great support
You can support Steemauto by your upvotes on this post
(We also post a comment which you can vote in case you don't want to push our post to the trending page)

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@steemauto my thoughts are that services such as yours should not be free nor take from the reward pool in up votes for support.

I currently do not use your service and would like to see a slight evening up of the playing field for auto curators vs manual.

If i was to use your service or others, i would expect to pay in liquid steem. A fair amount ?

Is this something that a business model like yours can work in, or am i missing something?


I agree
We are working to solve this problem

Extra funding
We post a comment which you can vote in case you don't want to push our post to the trending page

Do we need to reset our trails?

I just noticed all my auto votes stopped around the time this announcement was made. All my accounts have at least 15SP on them. And I thought maybe people just stopped posting.


15 sp is not enough for voting with lower weight and a lower voting power


Ahh right.

I will have to seek alternatives then.

Hi @mahdiyari is there a way to add a feature where once the voting reaches it's stopping point that it will not begin again until it has recharged to a set amount. As an example if I set my votes to stop when I reach 50% Voting Power can a feature be added so that my account will not start voting again until the account recharges to 70% Voting Power or whatever percent I choose.

Cheers and have a nice day!


It's not possible right now


Ok thanks for the rapid response.

Are you aware the voting trail has not been working for the past two days now?


You just need more SP

Yes, @puncakbukit reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thanks to approve @puncakbukit as your witness.

I can see a use for this. I have a secondary account whose downvote power I could use to follow those I carefully curate. I only downvote those who are abusing Steem, e.g. excessive paid votes on low quality content.

Question, if the creator of the trail accidentally downvote a post, then he unvote or change the downvote to upvote, would the trail do the same to unvote or upvote the post?

Steemauto stopped working on my account after I reset my keys. I have tried to reauthorize access through steemconnect several times but the problem persists. How I can fix this?


you need more SP


Please reduce this SP requirement. Anyone with at least 1 SP should be able to use steemauto.

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