Steemauto - 3 years of free service on Steem - The End



It's almost 3 years since we started Steemauto. Now after 3 years of free services, we are going to end Steemauto in less than 24 hours.

Before HF23 announcement, we were trying to implement new login methods and some advanced options on Steemauto. But now it's hard for us to continue.

We have our own dedicated Steem nodes which are powering Steemauto in the backend to broadcast about 200,000 votes per day. After the coming HF23 by the Tron foundation, our nodes will go down automatically.

The only way for us to stay on Steem is to participate in the theft of more than 23 million STEEM which is going to an anonymous account (@community321). We can't do this.

We have more than 49,000 users on Steemauto and it's not easy to let them go. But we can't control everything around here.

Thanks for your support in the last 3 years. It has been a great journey being with you. Bye!

Birth: Oct 16, 2017
Death: May 19, 2020

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Too bad, but understandable. Will Steemauto continue on Hive?

  ·  작년

good. hive needs a tool like this!

Thanks for the perfect service all the time!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing service you have provided and all the people you have helped.

As @germansailor asked, will you continue on Hive?


Our services will continue on Hive.

this page died since justin bought it


es lamentable esta situación.

these are just the logical circles on the water surface, from the stone thrown. when Sun started to ruin the steemit, everything started falling like dominoes.


Bueno señores todos a Hive

It would be nice to know how much did you earned in this 3 years with your service.


Dear @steemauto

This is surely the saddest news :(

Thank you for all your amazing work you did in.


Thanks for the service you have provided to the community!

Thanks a lot for your amazing services...

  ·  작년

Respect for your decision. It is the only right one.

Thanks for your service!

  ·  작년

That's the right decision. This will probably kill off a lot of the automated voting. I'm not posting any more anyway.

Makes sense to me! I'm powering down my Steem anyway, so I earn less and less. I'm getting more Hive every day, so I'll start using the new service.

I support this death =)