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Thanks for your non-stop support. Soon we will publish about coming updates.

What is Steemauto?

Steemauto is developed to help steem users in many ways. Steemauto will do some of the users daily tasks for them automatically for free!

Steemauto is an open source project and anyone can contribute to this project: GitHub repository

What features are available on the Steemauto?

  1. Schedule your posts:
    Anyone can submit their post in the Steemauto to be published in the future! If you are traveling you can simply write your posts and submit them into the Steemauto! We will publish your posts automatically on the time for free!
    We will not add beneficiary rewards (like other services) on your posts, all actions are with zero cost!

  2. Curation trails:
    Anyone can create a curation guild on the Steemauto! By creating a curation trail, anyone on that trail will act like an account with much bigger voting power!
    When curation trail creator upvotes a post, all trail followers will upvote that post!
    Communities can create their own curation guilds and support their favorite authors by giving them upvotes from the whole community!

  3. Fanbase:
    Anyone is able to support their favorite authors by giving them an automatic upvote after publishing any post. If you don't want to miss any post from your friends, or favorite authors, just give them an auto upvote!
    Steemauto will upvote on time, with your configurations, with specific upvote weight!

  4. Comment upvoting on your posts:
    Anyone can add their friends to this list to upvote their comments only when they comment on their posts.
    If someone is adding valuable comments on your posts, and you want to give them a reward, Steemauto will help you to reward that user!

  5. Claiming your rewards:
    7 days after publishing a post or comment, Steem blockchain will release your post's rewards or, 7 days after upvoting a post or comment, Steem blockchain will give you a little curation reward and you must claim that rewards to your wallet!
    You can do this operation in the manually by visiting your wallet page!
    Steemauto will help you to claim these rewards automatically! You don't need to worry about these rewards, we will claim that rewards to your wallet.

Is Steemauto secure enough?

Yes. We are using steemconnect as a login third-party, in the first login, you can log in with any private key like posting private key!
After the first login, Steemauto will ask you to allow @steemauto to use your account's posting authority. You can complete this task by steemconnect. This time you must use your steem password or active private key. In this process, steemconnect will sign a transaction in your browser then will broadcast that transaction to the blockchain. This transaction will add @steemauto to your posting authority.

We don't have any key from your account, you can change your password and all of your account's keys. That will not effect on the Steemauto!

Why use Steemauto?

Steemauto will help you to use your account effectively and easily! Steemauto helps you to support your favorite authors or your friends! Steemauto helps you to create curations trails and support projects and communities with much bigger power!
and Steemauto is free and unlimited!

How to support Steemauto?

  • Upvote this post (every vote counts)
  • Donate some STEEM or SBD (every cent counts)
  • Vote mahdiyari as a witness (every vote counts)
  • Follow @steemauto's fanbase or curation trail

Why this post?

Steemauto provides free features to all users, but our servers are not free! We should pay for that servers to keep Steemauto stable and reliable to all projects and communities.
With your great upvotes and donations, we are able to stay free for another month.
@steemauto will publish posts like this, to earn some rewards and cover a little part of the servers costs.
Thanks for your great support:)

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You may notice @steemauto's posts are receiving many upvotes.
We are not forcing anyone to upvote @steemauto's posts and we are not using accounts of our users without their permission.

These upvotes are donations from steemauto's users and Steem users. Anyone can join and follow @steemauto in the Fanbase or Curation trail to upvote @steemauto's posts.

All rewards from this post go to the Steemauto's server costs.


Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Hi @mahdiyari, I'd like to see the following improvements some day in the steemauto platform:

  1. Fanbase: a) Allow to upvote in seconds not only in minutes. Many users will be happy to upvote a post at 4 min + 30 sec. b) Force vote (don't depend on the limit on Mana to vote authors, optional). c) Add API steem blacklist to Fanbase configuration. d) Option to downvote posts or comments.
  2. Curation Trail: Allow to remove users or ban them. There are a lot of abandoned accounts following Trails.
  3. Implement keychain access.
  4. Claim rewards: Allow to set the time to claim rewards. Some authors want to claim rewards everyday not every 2 hours.



Thanks for suggestions


It's a pleasure!

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Would highly appreciate these extra parameters on trails:-

  • Exclude authors (a,b,c..)
  • Only vote if pending payout doesn't exceed $x
  • Only vote if post age doesn't exceed y.

Thanks for the great work!


Those are great suggestions, I agree!

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I dont recall authorizing an autovote for this trail. Just because I have logged in gives you the right to take my vote?

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No we don't take any upvote by force

Please post a comment to upvote, Willing to fund with upvotes, not willing to put you top trending.


Thanks for your support

I always wanted to ask, how your server looks like and what is the load?


The only real high load is on the network bandwidth and connection limits
and of course, one of CPU cores is on ~100% load and 10-20% load on RAM because of MySQL
and about 50% RAM for running steem node (we spent months to optimize server structure)
We also have a backup server in case of any problem

Awewome!! I will be signing up as soon as I get some free time! upped 💯 and resteemed ! 👍👍👍❤

Fanbase based on a certain tag. Many tribes are out there. So I hope someday your system include a voting based on tags and times. Thanks.

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We will consider your suggestion


That's a good one 👌

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thank you, great service.

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Thank you

Yes, we reblogged your post to thousand followers.. Thank you very much to choose @puncakbukit as your witness.

I will certainly do what I can! I had no idea about the server costs incurred, that is something that I do appreciate. I have used minnow booster in the past to help me and my reach. I will also give this a look. Many Thanks for the Update!

Great post

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moving to the next level!

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Love using steemauto.

Hope you all are having a good day