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More curation rewards for all users of Steemauto!

We just applied a minor update to randomize voting order of fanbase and curation trail followers!
This randomization is done by Fisher–Yates Shuffle algorithm

After few hours of research for finding an optimized and randomized enough algorithm, We end up using Fisher–Yates Shuffle.

Let's back to the point:

Randomized voting

Steemauto will shuffle list of followers before broadcasting upvotes. Assume you are following a big curation trail and you upvote before all members of the trail!

According to FAQ (old parameters are scratched):

If you discover a post and upvote it before it becomes popular, you can earn a curation reward. The reward amount will depend on the amount of Steem Power you have.
Up to 25% 50% of a post's payout is awarded to curators (the people who upvoted the post) as a reward for discovering the content. The other 75% 50% is awarded to the author.
If curators vote for a post within the first 15 5 minutes of it being created, a portion of their curation reward remains in the rewards pool for other authors/curators. This portion is linear to the age of the post between 0 and 15 1 minutes. As an example: upvoting at ~~ten ~~ 3 minutes will donate 1/3 of your potential curation reward back to the rewards pool.

This update will impact curation reward of our users. We hope to bring new version of Steemauto as soon as possible. Which is more user friendly and includes better features than current version. We promised it a long time ago and we failed to deliver it on time. Just know that there is a better version behind the scene.

We are glad to see your valuable feed-backs.

source: pixabay.com

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Steemauto is a free software which is running by donations and upvotes of its users.

Thanks for all your kind support.

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@mahdiyari is there a feature in Steemauto that allows one to set a floor for Voting?

I would like to follow a curation trail, but want to say., DO NOT VOTE below 80%VP, etc. or something like that.


Dashboard > Settings:

Well, have reblogged your post to thousand followers.. So many thanks to approve us as witness.

Thank you for this update!
I might be wrong because the changes were announced in several ways and I'm a bit confused, but as far as I know the voting window has been changed to 5 minutes, after feedback was that 1 minute is too quick.


I just remember 1 minute
Thanks for correction

Thank you for the update 😎