Steem Basic Income 72h Raffle #9 (win lifetime upvotes on all your posts)

3년 전

Congratulations to @yoghurt for being our last lucky raffle winner: Steem Basic Income 48h Raffle #8.

This time we got 13 valid entries with 10 upvotes and 5 resteems (adding up to 28 raffletickets).

Keep resteeming and inviting your friends! For this time I will raffle out 2 SBI shares if we hit 20 entries!


Steem Basic Income is a social experiment to bring a basic income to as many Steemians as possible. Members join by sponsoring others into the program. Steem Basic Income is delivered through providing regular upvotes to member content.

In case you do not know about @steembasic income already make sure to read Their Complete Overview Post.

You also can join their Discord:
This giveaway will be open for 72 hours.

Basically comment whatever you want just simply tell us an interesting story, a joke, talk about basic income,... What ever you wanna talk about (just keep it civilized)!

What you write does not change in any way your chances to win I just want people to engage, so I will reserve me the right to exclude spam comments from the raffle!
To take part in this giveaway:

  • comment as described above

Resteem or Upvote this post to double or even triple your chance of winning (Not necessary to take part in this raffle though. Each action (Upvote or Resteem) will get you an additional ticket in the raffle)
All valid entries receive one ticket in the raffle. In case you also resteemed this post you will receive a second ticket in the raffle. In 72 hours one lucky winner (or two if we hit 20 entries) will get randomly picked and sponsored one Steem Basic Income Share worth 1 STEEM (winner/s will be announced in the next raffle post)!

Good luck to all!

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Wow, this is probably the easiest SBI contest I have seen to date! :) Good luck everyone

nice competition , every body join this.

Thats really interesting. I am wondering how come I have landed to your post first time :)

S - Start
T - To
E - Engage
E - Earn
M - More
I - Income
T - Together

Thanks for the great opportunity!

SBI is a great way to ensure people have an incentive to continue to use the platform and create good content.

Ayyy more time for politics! So, NATO meeting started today, so let’s talk about that. Trump walks in and attacks Germany? Well not much of a surprise, but wait...Germany is under Russian control? Trump is just killing himself by going that far, and even Fox News is attacking him 😂

This is interesting! Thanks for being apart of steemit and allowing this opportunity.

Ok am in. SBI sound great enough but knowing i could probably win some for free is just bonkers

I really like the SBI contests :)

This post has received a 10.68 % upvote from @boomerang.

such a great opportunity keep up the good work guys :)) keep on steeming :')

What kind of agriculture are you studying? I started on the agricultural biological engineering path a long time ago but switched up to some other endevors.


Besides studying agriculture I also study biology and before all that I was a engineer (never worked as an engineer though but graduated) so I'm quite into agricultural biological engineering as well. My main focus at the time is organic agriculture & urban farming.


Nice, extremely similar. I like some of the urban experiments they are doing combining small enclosed farms with fish tanks for water and fertilizer.


I love aquaponics actually I build me a small system with a aquarium I got for about 30 bucks a few months back:


Sadly my flat doesn't allow a bigger one to produce fish to eat but the system works really good. I got space for 12 leafy greens so basically I do not need to by me any lettuce at all since I started this and with the small 5W filtersystem and 36W LED light its energy costs are very low ($3 bucks tops a month)

so i was in a very popular square in my country and a woman with mice along with a camera man approach me and asks me:

  1. Have you watched Eurovision
    -No but i just know who won and who we sent
  2. Do you watch World cup?

She told me to wait a minute to fix her hair and after 5-6 minutes i told her
-6 minutes and your hair is exactly the same ( the camera man laughed)

It was time for the interview and the first question she asked me was:

-What you have to say about our song in Eurovision?

........................................... ( minutes ago i told her i haven't watched the show) and that summarize my life

Learning all the time. Didn't know about Steem Basic income. What a prize to get a life time upvote.

So... SBI are true UBI believers?, I hope so at least.

Well, I'm learning to use software to draw and I made this cockroach. I wanted to share it. 😀

Will it be valid?


(Upvoted and resteem)

Why couldn't dracula's wife fall asleep?


Because of his coffin!


Please guys, laugh it was a joke, don't throw me eggs please, STOP!

a short story: once there was a baby boy. he became a young man and fell in love. then married the girl he loved. had a baby girl. he became an old man. then one day he died.
this is the end of the story.

upvoted and resteemed.


Join in for the chance to get SBI.
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