Steem Basic Income Sponsorship for Monday, Feb 11 2019

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This is a great project and experiment. I plan on periodically signing fellow steemians up. Leave me a comment for consideration. Below you will find another 3 steemians I recently sponsored.

But first, I wanted to provide a few thoughts on Universal Basic Income, or UBI, which seems to be the genesis of this project. Essentially, UBI was intended as an unconditional basic income, typically for citizens of a country. We have something similar to UBI in the State of Alaska due to the oil wealth. If you google UBI, you will see that several countries are experimenting with various flavors of UBI. I won't discuss the detractors here, think it would be more appropriate for another post.

I was drawn to the project by the concept that a share in Steem Basic Income provides you with a lifetime of upvotes. Which is a great opportunity for many? And, I also appreciate the community building through sponsorship.

Not sure if the following sponsorships are already members of Steem Basic Income, but no matter, if they already are, the contribution will just be another share added to their account. Hope that's right.

  • @wakeupkitty - caring & sharing, simply because someone has to!
  • @gharrington44 - 28 yo Engineer very interested in finance, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology
  • @qpals - Gaming is part of my Life.

My best to all.

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Thank you so much for your very kind gesture!

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wakeupkitty, you are so welcome. My best to you.

Amazing project
How do I join?


Hi @toyimika. I will be able to sponsor you. I have another sponsorship group set up for tomorrow. And, thank you for your comment. Please follow.


Thank you but how will I know if you are sponsoring me? I have followed you, kindly follow back

I love your project, i was reading somewhere that life is all about others and example closer home, here in steemit you need others to upvote you. It is really encouraging to see you thinking about others.


Hi @damashiro. Thank you for your kind words. But to be clear, this is not my personal project. @steembasicincome deserves all the credit. I just came across the project and liked it so much I started promoting it. Also, I like the idea of building the community. That is really what is most important.

Its seems to be a great idea


Thank you @zaicha. Hope to see you around more.

I'd like to join myself. How can I join?

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Hi @champjus. Got you covered. I'm adding you to my list which will be submitted tomorrow or the next day. Please follow me if you haven't already.


Got you bro. Just followed you back

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Hi @guysellars. May I join? I like your idea. But Im interested in the way you got that wealthy. Do you offer some kind of mentorship? Would like to learn from you. I prefer to learn fishing instead of getting a fish. Kind regards.


Hi @general.guy, I can't take credit for this project, like many others, I just came across it. And the truth is that you can sponsor yourself when you sponsor someone else. @steembasicincome is where you want to start. As far as your second question on mentorship. I too am relatively new to Steemit. And, my goal is to find what I like to write about and what others are willing to read. Haven't given much thought to teaching someone else as I'm still learning myself. There are however many steemians that have great posts which you can learn from. There are even classes. Best of luck to you. And may I leave you with one suggestion, just start posting. Takes a while to find ones voice.

We love SBI - it is a win-win situation here on Steem and encourages people to be here for the long run.

Hi, Thanks for this great post, can I still join?

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