Want to be Sponsored by @hobo.media for SteemBasicIncome? Contest #2

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Want to be Sponsored by Me for @SteemBasicIncome?

Well then, give me something cool to read!

I'm willing to sponsor a person that sends me a link to one of their posts. The person that shows me the best post will get sponsored for @steembasicincome!

@hobo.media aims to help the folk with very little SP build up through upvotes. I can help the winner of this challenge by sponsoring them for @steembasicincome, but others can get help directly from @hobo.media as well. Just delegate 10 SP to @hobo.media and you'll be added to @hobo.media's active upvote stream to receive regular upvotes.

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Follow for random upvotes!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Summoned by @hobo.media
Sneaky Ninja supports @youarehope and @tarc with a percentage of all bids.
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