Steem Basic Income giveaway Win 1 SBI :)

3년 전

Hey friends!

i wanted to give back to the community,so im doing a SBI giveaway !

i will giveaway 1 SBI share in random

so the rules are pretty simple

  1. Follow me
  2. Upvote this post
  3. Comment your opinion on Weight Lifting and GYM exercises.

The Share will be given out in the end of 7 days payout period.

if i will get from this post more than 1 Steem reward i will do another giveaway:)


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last month, I got into training and exercising at our favorite gym here in town. Training to be the best shape we wanted to be. Mens got into weight lifting and I was really surprised hearing their success stories in Gym. In less than a month they achieved their body muscles desire. I could say that weight lifting and exercising were the best ways inorder to improved our healthy lifestyle as well as our body and affects with our mind. It helped me alot to improved my butt and thigh muscles. As long as you have the determination, consistency, knowledge and time you can achieve to be the best shape in your own right.

It's cool to see these spreading, I wonder did I inspire you to do this with my gift? I won't enter as I don't go to the gym, I run around my local area and do work outs at home but good luck to everyone else.


Hahah yes i was pretty inspired by your post bro :)

well thats pretty sad only one participant and even her didnt followed the rules
well i guess i will make another giveaway next time