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SteemBasicIncome Daily Giveaway

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This giveaway is for one FREE share of @steembasicincome. On occassionaly, we will also randomly giveaway a steem monsters rewards cards IN ADDITION to the shares of Steembasicincome that are awarded.

To participate complete any ONE of the following

1.) Drop some knowledge in the comments to the post with something useful that you know or have learned about Steemit or anything Steemit / STEEM related that you believe could help either myself or others expand knowledge and growth potential.

2.) Share a story about a way you recently helped someone in the Steemit community.

3.) Nominate someone you know for acts of kindness or good deeds that you think should be recognized.

Helpful or inspiring comments will gain more weight and visually will grab my attention than simply upvoting and will increase your odds of being selected

I will also randomly selected winnings at times from the upvote list when time constraints force me to do so.

That's it!

Thank you for participating and good luck!

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3 - @sebescen81
For his good work for the Steemit community.


Das ist aber nett. 😀

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Not entirely sure if #3 results in a prize for the person recommended as well, but if not, just give my prize to him if I do happen to win.

3: @epicdave - Does excellent science education work with refugee children in Turkey, Syria, and Iraq despite minimal funding.

You can see a bit here:


Thank you very much @ribbitingscience !

Still pushing forward this year, hoping to make an exciting announcement soon for Iraq, and Turkey! Hoping to get joint STEM projects running soon for schools/universities there with support from UK/US.

Hoping to post an update in a few months time. Fingers crossed!


Best of luck! By the way, are you still interested in those papers regarding the space-enhanced science curriculum we discussed over a year ago? I happened to look at my email earlier today and realized I never actually sent the message to that professor's department to see if he still had the materials, assignments, and background information.


That would be perfect! :D
I'm going to make another push with Space related stuff for kids in Iraq after I get the University project sorted out for them.

Still, no support from the UK or any so-called 'advocate' group though but is to be expected. But if a task is worth doing then such obstacles must be overcome!


Very nice, the email has been sent to his former department - he's retired now - but we'll see if there's interest on his part.


@ribbitingscience #2 could win you personally a prize while #3 is an act of kindness is trying to help someone else and they would get the prize in that case with a mention to you showing everyone of your good deed. :)

@freewritehouse has weekly contest for writing a story in 5 minutes. 💪

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@d00k13 is my nomination for today. He always responded to comments making everyone feel like they're effort matters. Plus running a awesome challenge to see how easy Partiko points is to earn. Good job

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