Epic Steem Basic Income Giveaway Contest - Winners

3년 전

G'day Team,

Last week I created the SBI Contest Contest and watched from the sidelines as dozens of dedicated steemians created a plethora of awesome contests! The time has come to announce the winners, so without further ado here they are!

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The Winners

#1 - 10SBD

@rishi556 with his why you shouldn't win contest

#2 - 5 SBD each

@gwilberiol with his Throne Wars contest
@bamboozled with her Bamboo contest

#3 - 2 SBD each

@bengy with his First Impressions contest
@rentmoney with his Steem Ship contest
@vimukthi with his Underappreciated Science Fiction contest


Thanks for everyone who entered and in doing so who spread the word of SBI! I'm sure this won't be my last contest-contest so stick around for more in the future!



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Thanks for the contest and SBI shares !

I think you meant to write SBI won, not SBD(I got confused at first). But thanks so much.


Oh gosh youre right! Thanks for that. Sorry i qas half asleep when i wrote this!!

Thank you so much! 🙇

your contest was the contest of all contests! Thanks for choosing my contest! I was surprised by all the nice comments of the participants.

Thanks, and thanks also for the contest of contests!


Nice win, congratz!

Congratulations to the winners!

I voted u