Win SBD Forever - Just comment! - Multilingual Weekly Contest #10

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I'm happy to announce the tenth edition of #SBDforever contest!


But before I introduce the theme, it is time to reveal the winners for the ninth one! I was happy to receive the entries of @theironfelix, @winningman, @bitmaxt, @incognitoct, @jazzresin, @thaishps, @ominaj000, @viking-ventures, @botefarm, @astroboy, @paradigm42, @rufusfirefly, @wittywheat, and @sparkesy43.

So many entries! I'm happy to see some previous winners as well such as @sparkesy43 and @viking-ventures It's a good strategy since you can definitely win twice or thrice. That has happened before!

Now for the prize!

I loved reading about the places you want to visit. Photos were magnificent, and some of the comments were so complete I really think you should make a post with them! I'd definitely upvote/resteem them :)

As per the rules, there would have been only one winner since the payout of the post was below 1.5$. But this time my steemit finances are smiling thanks to the huge help of @curie and @illuminati-inc. So I'll sponsor 3 winners!

And the winners are... ... @theironfelix, @rufusfirefly and @paradigm42!

You'll will receive the SBI share in a few days. Just check this spreadsheet if you're wondering if everything is alright.

Didn't win? No problem, just try again! Because here is...

...SBD Forever Round #8!

Here's this week's challenge!

A typical dish from your country!

That's right, tell me more about the gastronomic culture of your place! I'd love to try, as long as they're vegetarian, hehe.

Here in northern Portugal (specially Porto) there's the typical francesinha I already wrote about. I already tried making my own sauce and it came out great. So one of these days I'll post a full recipe (the one I wrote is only about the sandwich).


Best comment will win 1 Steem Basic Income share (worth 1 Steem), which means SBD FOREVER! That's right, no jokes:

You get a weekly income FOREVER. You just need to keep posting and you'll get the same amount in upvotes regardless of how many posts you make per week. The system just looks for your posting frequency and adjusts the income automatically. Seems impossible to maintain? Do you want to look at their maths? Here they are!

Some rules

  1. Upvote this post with 100%. The payout will help me with the cost of the share.
  2. Resteem this post, for the same reasons!
  3. Follow me if you enjoy my posts.
  4. Post ONE comment below with your entry
  5. Feel free to write in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
  6. If you already have a SBI share feel free to participate as well, since you can have many shares and get double income.
  7. The deadline for submissions is next Monday, 28 May, at 11am UTC. I'll announce the winners, if possible, that same day.
  8. If the author payout reaches more than 1$, I'll round up the prize to the nearest whole number and attribute more than one winner!

Ready... Set... Go!

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(Disclaimer: Since I have failed to take notice of this contest, make my comment for such contest and Steemit has a policy to not allow votes when posts reach the 12-hour mark before the 7-day payment period, I accept this comment cannot be apart of the contest. But I will post here for the heck of it.)

Hello, I'm from the USA but I have a Polish lineage. One of the many foods in my culture's gastronomy is the Pierogi:

image from

Culture: Albeit this is an Eastern European dish, it's just generally more present in the Polish parts of the Slavic communities in the USA I have seen.
Translation: Anywho, the Pierogi is a dumpling in English.
Sides: These dishes can be served with bacon on the side, but it can be absolutely be eaten in isolation.
Best time to feast: Like most dishes, it's best served when it comes straight out of the frying pan since it's at its most juiciest and tasteful compared to its "cold" counterpart. Yet no one will complain about it being microwaved after it has gone cold, since it's a dish best served warm and it doesn't ruin the taste of the Pierogi.
Dumplings: a dish with a type of stuffing from vegetables to meats to even diary produce and potatoes encapsulated by a wheat outer-skin.
Dumpling variation: Yeah, like its Western European or Asian counterparts, it has multiple variations depending upon the area of each region. So there can't be a true general formula that one can substitute for all variations, but it isn't hard to figure out how to make a variation-type as long as one has the materials for such!


I ate pierogi once, because I had a polish flatmate. Unfortunately she was a very very very bad cook so we ate it just to not hurt her feelings (it was almost raw). And we drank zubrowka like there's no tomorrow! I don't remember much of what happened after...


Oj ho ho! Albeit I had no control on this matter, I feel sorry for triggering that memory in you. Welp, hopefully that flatmate, all these years later, learned how to be a better chef by now.

Texas (USA) has some of the best food in the world! The BBQ is to die for and Tex-Mex is my personal fav. IMG_1566.JPG

Here is a photo of my homemade enchiladas!

Hola aquí en Venezuela es costumbre, comer en semana santa! Arroz con Coco
Es un rico postre, a base de arroz blanco, coco, leche condensada o papelón, canela y clavitos de olor, es sencillo de preparar y muy rico! me gusta tu concurso! estas fotos son de mí autoría, incluso te dejaré el link donde explico como hacer este rico postre! espero que lo puedas hacer y los disfrutes mucho!

Hola te presento el Quesillo! un postre muy común en Venezuela, más que todo cuando hay cumpleaños, se acompaña con la torta.
Ingredientes sencillos: Huevos, leche condensada, esencia de vainilla y leche líquida.

No, de venezuela lo que paga comer es pastelito con papa y queso.

He viajado a otros lugares y estas exquisitas frituras nunca se asemejan a las que encuentro en mi tierra.

La papa debe ser pelada luego de hervirla hasta que este blanda, luego se le añade el queso rallado, again, nada como el que hay en mi tierra.

La mezcla de la masa es de harina con huevos, se deben preparar 2 discos y con la ayuda de un tenedor sellarlo luego de rellenarlo, y a freir.

Acompañar con una salsa tartara, y gaseosa de cola negra, por favor.

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Thank you so much!! It is really cool of you to run these contests! :)

Potica is one of the most recognisable sweets in our country. Some sweet dough, walnuts, raisins, ... I don't know if this is something to brag about, but i'm sure Melania introduced potica to Donald Trump. Dont know if he liked it?

I live in the Cowboy State (Wyoming), so we do a lot of meat here - and in the summer, lots of barbecues. I tried to find a decent picture that included some vegetarian options for you @zpedro... This was the best I could find.

(image from Pixabay)

(I'm sure some of the sausages are vegetarian - just for you - and the vegetarian kebabs are just behind the others - and I'm sure that's corn-on-the-cob in the aluminum parcels...)

C'est cool de pouvoir répondre en français. Je viens de Belgique et un des plats "typique" est la mitraille. Cela consiste en une baguette avec habituellement de la viande (genre fricandelle, boulettes, ...) mais ce n'est pas obligé ainsi que des frites (beaucoup de frites). C'est évidemment très gras et pas raffiné du tout. C'est le genre de plat qu'on mange après une soirée ou lors de carnavals.

Hi. I would love to participate but I don't know how to upvote with 100%. I don't have this option. Can you, please enlighten me lol.


Hi! Just upvote :) people with more SP can choose to upvote with only part of their voting power. But as a minnow you don't have that choice so you always upvote with 100%. So don't worry!


Thank you! Here is a traditional dish from my homecountry- Bulgaria! Shopska salad, also known as Bulgarian salad, is a Bulgarian cold salad popular throughout the Balkans and Central Europe. It is made from tomatoes, cucumbers, onion/scallions, raw or roasted peppers, sirene (the Bulgarian word for cheese, which is kinda like feta cheese but much better!), and parsley. IMG_3364.JPG

We call this Pancit Canton in the Philippines. It's a noodle dish.

These are tortellini alla panna and they are delicious.

They are hand-made, bite-sized cases of pasta. They are closed by pressing each of them around the cook's little finger, which creates their peculiar central hole.

The filling is a mix of ground beef, ham, and parmesan cheese. Here I'm having them with cream sauce, but the traditional serving would be in warm chicken broth.

OH the Portuguese food! I spent 12 summers in a trailer park on Lake Erie that was at least half Portuguese. Great people....a little crazy but the best one's are. This looks like a great contest.... I may have to share some Canadian treats. Thanks.

how to join

Muito bom, parece ser delicioso