Win SBD Forever - Just comment! - Multilingual Weekly Contest #11

3년 전

I'm happy to announce the eleventh edition of #SBDforever contest!

But before I introduce the theme, it is time to reveal the winners for the tenth one! So many entries!

This week post had a low reward (about 0.82$). As such, I would only reward one winner. But I'm sitting here for an hour trying to decide between two contestants. And I can't decide, so screw it, I'll give the two and expect that next week's post gives a good payout.

Because... this week the post is going to be different! You'll get the chance to promote your post and win an SBI share as well! Stay tuned...

Now for the prize!

Without much further ado, the winners are... ... @viking-ventures and @ulises06.

Although I'm not a fan of meat, @viking-ventures had the care to adapt for my vegetarian style of living, and since she's a true reader of my blog I really feel she deserves this prize! She already won this prize once as well :)

@ulises06 posted about rice with coconut, which is something I enjoy a LOT although I've eaten it only in indian restaurants. I guess the venezuelan rice with coconut is different?

You'll will receive the SBI share in a few days. Enter the steembasicincome discord channel if you're wondering if everything is alright.

Didn't win? No problem, just try again! Because here is...

...SBD Forever Round #8!

Here's this week's challenge!

The comment with less votes wins!

After upvoting/resteeming/following, drop a comment with a link for your post. You want your post to be the one with the least upvotes, right? So upvote other's posts!

Everybody wins. If you don't get lots of upvotes, you get the prize!

I'll drop some upvotes as well :)

What's a Steem Basic Income share? It's worth 1 Steem and means SBD FOREVER! That's right, no jokes:

You get a weekly income FOREVER. You just need to keep posting and you'll get the same amount in upvotes regardless of how many posts you make per week. The system just looks for your posting frequency and adjusts the income automatically. Seems impossible to maintain? Do you want to look at their maths? Here they are!

Some rules

  1. Upvote this post with 100%. The payout will help me with the cost of the share.
  2. Resteem this post, for the same reasons!
  3. Follow me if you enjoy my posts.
  4. Post ONE comment below with your entry
  5. Feel free to write in English, Portuguese, Spanish or French.
  6. If you already have a SBI share feel free to participate as well, since you can have many shares and get double income.
  7. The deadline for submissions is next Monday, 4 June, at 11am UTC. I'll announce the winners, if possible, that same day.
  8. If the author payout reaches more than 1$, I'll round up the prize to the nearest whole number and attribute more than one winner!
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Sure, why not take a shot. Albeit I am late two days in.

Interesting scheme. Will read up on SBI, Here is a post on Star Wars Last Jedi i just wrote.

The idea of time zone is funny, would you believe the time is 11:46am Monday in Nigeria ?

Well, my entry for today is based on the thought to power up all my post for week, my answer is simple though.

Am powering up all my post for this week.

gracias amigo! bueno el arroz con coco es una delicia en cualquier parte del mundo XD. Me alegra saber que gané con mi comentario! aun no entiendo el premio pero gane! XD

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Probably not a piece that will be of significant interest to you as it relates to a specific competition that is run here on steemit over the course of the AFL (Aussie Rules) football season, but I haven't posted up a lot recently so this is about all there is to choose from....

Here is a post on Fast charging


I will play

(Thanks for the share too - my parents are vegan. Before they went raw, I still worked to serve them when they came to visit.)

This looks like fun. Here is my entry: A Surprise (A Short Story).
Thank you.