Selling Rexie, bid starting at only 0.001 SBD! #steemmonsters

3년 전

What am I offering?

Rarity : Common
Element : Earth
Level: 1 (but he is a meanie nevertheless) ;-)


Auction Details

Opening Bid: 0.001 SBD!
Buy It Now: 0.01 SBD
Auction Ends after seven days or buy now price is reached

How To Place Your Bid

Reply (directly) to the post with "bid x"
Example: bid 1.0
Wait for the bot to log in the bid.
You will get a reply when you are overbid.
The card will be transferred to the highest bidder after the end of the auction and after payment has been received

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Thank you for using #steembay. This is an automatic auction, that will moderate your sale. The auction will start as soon as you upvote this comment and set a starting price with a comment.

To set the starting price and to open your auction, upvote and reply with:

start 1.0

To cancel the auction write a comment:

cancel auction

To end the auction early write a comment:

end auction

Bidder Information

Bids have to be placed in the following format:

bid 1.0

The currency is SBD.

Lower, equal and invalid bids will be rejected.

Placed bids can be revoked by:

revoke bid


start 0.001


Auction is now opened. Starting price is: 0.001 SBD

Bids will be accepted until cashout time: 2018-06-16T23:51:15 UTC

bid 0.01


Congratulation, you are the winner, will send the card!


thanks again! Glad to see you got a free pack too :)


Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @davemccoy's bid of 0.010 SBD


The #steembay Auction was ended by the seller.
The winning bidder is @davemccoy with an amount of 0.010 SBD - Congratulations!

end auction


End of #steembay Auction confirmed