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Hello guys, I am starting Auction again. Well in my opinion STEEMMONSTERS is the most trending topics on steemit right now. Somedays ago Steemmonsters team made an amazing update, STEEMMONSTERS have now added gold foil versions of all of the cards into the game! here is the Announcement I am so much excited about it. Its making crazy everyone. With in 7 days 10000 Booster pack sold out you can check out here and 6 days ago 1,000 Starter pack sold you can check out here And also Congratulation to @exyle who won the first Guild PVP Heroic Boss Monster honor with a 650 steem bid Announced here.On this Auction i am selling FROST GIANT (GOLD) & GOLDEN LIGHTNING DRAGON which is 1 of 3 in the world.You can ask me why i am saying that? Well according to @steemmonsters JSON meta data there is Only 3 GOLDEN FROST GIANT CARDS AND 3 GOLD FOIL LIGHTNING DRAGON DISTRIBUTED. You can see those stats from Akox' Weekly Roundup [#001]

On This Auction I am Selling GOLDEN FROST GIANT & GOLDEN LIGHTNING DRAGON. If buyer offer BUY NOW AMOUNT, he/she will get it immediately. It's still cheap because There only 0.004% Drop Rate for Gold Foil Legendary Cards, SO grab it before someone take it.Based on current sales within the market those 2 card price 600SBD+ You can check those Stats here


Auction Details

I'm using @steembay to run this auction.
(You can read the full @steembay tutorial HERE)

Starting bid Price: 400 SBD

Buy It Now Price: 500 SBD


How To Place Your Bid:


Reply (directly) to the post with "bid x"

Example bid:
bid 401.0
Wait for the bot to log in the bid.
You will get a reply when you are overbid.


Bids will be accepted until next 72 Hours.

The card will be transferred to the highest bidder after payment has been received.

If somebody offers the 'Buy it now' price, the auction will be closed before the end date.

My Previous Auction 1 HERE ✔ DONE
My Previous Auction 2 HERE ✔ DONE
My Previous Auction 3 HERE✔ DONE
My Previous Auction 4 HERE ✔ DONE
My Previous Auction 5 HERE TIME OUT
My Previous Auction 6 HERE TIME OUT
My Previous Auction 7 HERE ✔ SOLD OUT
My Previous Auction 8 HERE TIME OUT



Creator of this amazing footer is @derangedvisions

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

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Auction Ended

Because of no bid. Auction ended.If you want to buy those 2 cards Contact with me on Discord: zaku#2422


Creator of this amazing footer is @derangedvisions

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters


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Auction Summary

Please consider upvoting this comment for a better overview of the auctioning.


Auction Finished

Start: 400.000 SBD

Auction ended at 2018-06-26 22:30:15 GMT
No bid


Auction Information

Start: 400.000 SBD

Auction ended at 2018-06-26 22:30:15 GMT
No bid

You can advertise your auction while supporting our service by following @steembay and voting for our Daily Report.

Thank you for using #steembay. This is an automatic auction, that will moderate your sale. The auction will start as soon as you upvote this comment and set a starting price with a comment.

To set the starting price and to open your auction, upvote and reply with:

start 1.0

To cancel the auction write a comment:

cancel auction

To end the auction early write a comment:

end auction

Bidder Information

Bids have to be placed in the following format:

bid 1.0

The currency is SBD.

Lower, equal and invalid bids will be rejected.

Placed bids can be revoked by:

revoke bid


Auction is now opened. Starting price is: 400.000 SBD

Bids will be accepted until cashout time: 2018-06-30T21:46:18 UTC


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end auction


End of #steembay Auction confirmed

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