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In our present society of criticism,
You can't even be yourself anymore
Trying hard to fit in, trying to be something more
Acting like bubbles when you're in water
And like smoke when you're in fire
But it still doesn't measure up right?
People will still bend you like wire

Cos no matter how low you bow
Or how long you're willing to stay down
it's never going to be worthwhile
You'll still be regarded as a clown

And humans just hate you all the same
They treat you like you're lame
They're disgusted about what they heard of you
That's before they meet you or even know your name

Now I see people differently, But I'm no Pharisee
And cos I'm broke now, I'm treated like a disease
Isolated like an Island
And trampled upon like sand
I've become a refugee in my own fatherland

Therefore, in every way possible
I'll commit even the most unbearable, dreadful or plausible.
But I hope life's still going to be fair to me, to us
Cos no matter what, we aren't perfect, we aren't actors
And I pray the pay doubles when it finally gets to us

Hell yeah!. Man's gotta blow even with no focus.

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