Dogs of Steemit - A Boy and His Ball


A Boy and His Ball

BoyAndHisBall (2018_06_24 03_13_06 UTC).jpg

Here's another one of my Chocolate Lab Ozzie. This time it's with his favorite tennis ball. He loves tennis ball. If you gave him a box full of different kinds of balls. he would always be able to pick out the tennis ball.

This is my entry in #SteemBloPoMo challenge by our friend @traciyork


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Thank you so much!

Pretty sweet shot of Ozzie, for sure! He sure is a looker and I love that he is discerning enough to know how to search for the tennis ball.

We cannot even say that about some humans, so let's give him a round of applause. :)

Does he wear you out with playing fetch?


He does! He even wears out our other Lab Sammy. And Sammy is too old to play and just watches!

Sweet Shot of Ozzie was he hinting he wanted to go out and play or coming back from fun with the ball

Hello @rwedegis!

Congratulations! Thanks for using the #dogsofsteemit hashtag! This post has been chosen as one of the winners for Episode 68 of the #dogsofsteemit challenge.

Can't wait to see more dog photos from you!

Thanks so much for participating in the fourth week of #SteemBloPoMo! It's been wicked awesome to see other people jumping aboard, and it's helping to keep me motivated as well. And to show my appreciation, here's a - !tip

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