Being The First SteemBnB Guest // BCN Review

3년 전

Yes I am still in Barcelona! and once again at a new location, that is rather different from my previous ones! 

For the last couple days and weeks my Steemians friends and I have been traveling from one hotel to the next. I've shared with you the beautiful Hotel "La Florida" on the Tibidabo Mountain, the Hotel Catalonia in the city and there were a few others. 

Hotels like this are nice and I enjoy it, but especially if you are by yourself (which I am right now) it's a lot more fun to get an Airbnb and meet some locals. I hadn't yet figured out where to go next before my travel buddies left, what hotel or Airbnb I wanted to try, especially because it's season in Barcelona and almost everything is booked out, as you might already know from @soldier 's post. Also I simply love to get the full travel experience and after while of staying in fancy hotels I needed a switch, living like a local.

... Ask ... Believe ...Receive

 As you know, I organized a Steemit Meetup in Barcelona and among those who showed up at the meetup was @chicosonico

He lives in Barceloneta (a nice district right at the beach and close to everything) and while we were talking about Steemit, he shared with me an idea he had, a Steemit-related project. He told me that he had a room for rent, but because the neighbors have been complaining about tourists partying and the beach area is particularly "touristy" it is forbidden to rent out a room on Airbnb. 

BUT, after a talk with the owner and explaining that Steemians are not your average Airbnb guest, an exception was made for the Steemit community! Now this new project doesn't just mean that you can travel and find a home wherever you go, but you can meet local Steemians! How does it get better?

It doesn't.. except for the fact that you can directly pay in Steem! 

SteemBnB was born and I became the first guest

When @chicosonico told me that, I didn't just like the idea, I was sold. I asked him if he needed time to set up the room, because I wanted to be his first guest.. so I slept one more night at a hotel and moved in a Steemian's home the day after. 

My host had been planning on moving to his girlfriend's house and turning his own apartment into an art/work studio and Steemit rental and now it turned into reality the moment he spoke about it.

I have now been at the first SteemBnB as the first SteemBnB guest for a couple of days and will stay for a couple more. 

Make sure to check out @chicosonico 's latest post about "SteemBnb", Upvote and Resteem to spread the word and follow his account for updates!

My Review: 

Place: Barceloneta

Host: @chicosonico 

Let's start with the guest... because he's awesome! He is more than just kind and even helped me with some recording I needed to get done. The first night I went out to dinner with him and his lovely girlfriend / fellow Steemian @omwith 

THIS is what I mean by local experience! 

They showed me the best place to eat as a Vegetarian. It was delicious! And how else would I have discovered this cool place:

The Green Spot

Our  Food:

You know I love good food, so this is a recommendation for future SteemBnB guests of Barcelona, especially if you are vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or have any special kind of diet. There are many other cool places like this in the area too!

Now to the "real review" - The Home

All the details about his place for those interested in becoming the second or third guest at his SteemBnB room, will be available soon (next post from @chicosonico)! 

But for now this is what I can say.. there is a saying in Germany "klein, aber fein" which means something like "small/simple is beautiful" and that describes it well. If you want the local experience, his room is perfect. Not fancy, but clean! And clean is what matters to me most. Also the WIFI works great, actually much better than at the 5-star resort. 

The Room

Also if you're not planning on being inside all day and rather go to the beach this place is great, since it takes you about 30 seconds to get to the beach! 

The View

It's simple, convenient and you have a fantastic Steemian as a host! So if you're planning on visiting Barcelona by yourself and are looking for a place to say, contact @chicosonico ! As you can tell my review is more about the people, the food, and the area rather than the room, simply because it's what matters when you are traveling for experience and not for room service. 

But this project goes beyond his Barcelona home, this is meant for the world! 

If you are have a room to share or rent, you now can use SteemBnB to become one of the first hosts in your area and connect with other Steemians. My host for example is new to Steemit, so I can teach him in that area, while he teaches me all about Barceloneta and helps me better my Spanish. I could go on forever about the many ways how this project is beneficial for our community and helps strengthen the network. 

Once again, for further details check out "SteemBnb" ! Support and participation is appreciated. 

Do you know someone who'd be interested in becoming a SteemBnB host OR guest? If so, where? Comment below

Much love,

- Mrs.Steemit

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  ·  3년 전

Looking greeeeat!!!!

Nice post!

looks fun

Loved the post and the idea of SteemBnB.
Isn't the food there amazing? I love the Catalan cuisine.
Barcelona is one of my favorite cites in the world. I traveled to Barcelona 3 times , and can't wait for my next time.


It's the best!


Hi @mrs.steemit I've written an article about you, Check it out if you can, thanks.

30 Best Steemians Of The Day To Follow 24th July 2017

Hi mrs.steemit. Great story! SteemBNB is a great idea and I plan to turn my very successful Airbnb in USA into a SteemBNB as well. Thanks again for this awesome news!


That would be awesome! Where in the U.S are you located? Make sure to follow the steps of @chicosonico 's post about becoming a SteemBnB host :)

this is the real power of the connection, the networking, the platform. i've seen far too much recently of people just trading value in money terms, trying to make some money from one blockchain to another but the real power is in the value exchange. it's funny how everything was booked out then pushed you via the social universe into this headspace. i think that's awesome and the vegan food looked KILLER. love the steembnb idea, i'd happily put up people travelling through for a night in my caravan once i've got my second space (i.e the van) nice idea!


I agree with everything you mentioned! Thanks for the thought through comment. Whenever your space is ready, make sure to follow the steps of becoming a SteemBnB host. Would be awesome! :)


roger that!

Hi, my friend @mrs.steemit , great post, congratulations, keep it up.

Great post @mrs.syeemit i hope we can meeting someday 😊


Thanks! Meet me in Lisabon in November for Steemfest 2! :)


Great, keep us updated, would love to be there. If you need help finding anything, restaurants (vegan), places to visit, countryside, wines etc, I can help. You do mean Lisbon right?
Greetings from Portugal @mrs.steemit


I'm new here, just found out what steemfest was, ultra cool, thanks

It's amazing pictures Mrs. Very nice place to go
Traveling is a very interesting hobby,
There are many reasons why people make traveling as a hobby. The reason is that they want to see the "outside world" of the world that we see every day,
In my opinion, traveling can be described as adventure because traveling is about an adventure. Those of us who love traveling not only make the streets just to stay away from the hectic day-to-day life, traveling can also because we want to learn about various customs, culture, race and nationality etc


Yes, traveling is living! :)

This is brilliant, great post. Wouldn't work for me, we would prefer a double bed ;-)

If there are an steemers (steemians?) in Sevilla, we are planning on going to the Feria next year. We were already thinking about going AirBnB, because I'm often awake at night and a hotel room just doesn't work.

So, Steemians in Sevilla, 2018 Feria? Let me know please.

Very cool. I am an AirBnB host with several different properties here in New Zealand. SteemBnB is interesting :)


Nice! I'd love to come to New Zealand. How many Steemians do you think live ther?

Awesome stuffs man! Christchurch New Zealand here, count me in!


Nice! @amexperts and you should do a meetup!

@mrs.steemit -What an amazing idea to create a SteemBNB! Not only does it offer convenience of booking through Steem but also offers opportunities to meet fellow Steemians and get a safe place and local expertise from them. The Green spot looks cosy and attractive. The food looks great. I had no idea that such exotic looking vegetarian dishes existed. Great! Thanks for sharing. Upvoted.

Update at my end - I have posted a blog with a concern about 🅴🅽🅳🅰🅽🅶🅴🆁🅴🅳 species of Ground Hornbill and a GIF blog about Elephant tracking and their dustbaths called Bathing beauties I would be honored if you take a look and help me spread the message. Your valuable comments will be eagerly awaited. Thanks


I agree! Thanks for supporting :)
Will check out your post now


Thank you so much. A visit from you to my blogs is always an honor. I also get good guidance from you since my blogs are visual. Have tried to follow your advice and learnt some new skills to make my bligs more visually appealing.

It was a pleasure bringing you to the Green Spot! Best sweet potato spaghetti ever!!! 😂
Have been busy these days darling, hope to meet up again before you leave!!!❤️


By the way!!! 😂😂😂 look at this!


Hahaha this is awesome! proves how quickly technology is evolving! and good to know how these telephones work! I feel more educated now, Thanks ^^


Yes the food was sooo good!
Hopefully we can meet in the next days just let me or Pablo know! :)


Aaaah!! I've been feeling sick the past 3 days, fever and headache...I'm at home at the moment. Hope to see you again before you leave!

Interesting idea..Bringing real value to Steem :)


Yes I think initiatives like this will help a lot to get people interested. Thanks!

I never tried even airnbnb .. donot know always scared abt the unknown but this reassures me.. hmm vegetarian!! Guleten free is something many advised me to try!!!


And also SteemBnB would be different, because you have a portfolio of who your host is and can trust them much easier. Sort of like Facebook + Airbnb in one plus you can pay in Steem.


Thanks for thr response . My startup story is here checkout

Reality is truly spoken into existence.

Beautiful views. I can know more things about food and culture of barcelona in each of your posts. Thanks


Thanks, I'm glad :)

thats awesome... first steembnb.... thats cool.... lets spread it.... its good to have acquaintance all over the world... and in time of need.... theres someone will offer you a helping hand....

i love the story.... and the pictures speak to itself.... very nice story... thanks for sharing...



Thanks for supporting! :)

Beautiful post. What a great idea having Steemit bnb's. We have used them in several places and they have been great.


Awesome! How were your experiences?


Particularly the ones in NYC were really nice and located overlooking Central Park. This made for convenience and the hosts were very considerate and helpful. Lodging in NYC is so expensive the BnB's were a god send, however, I think NYC doesn't allow them anymore because they take business away from the hotels.

  ·  3년 전

Actually... SteemBnB is not a bad idea, so you can pay for rent using your steem.
Hope you had a great time!)


Yes! I'm in love with this city

good food and placation also awesome ,

happy for you mrs.steemit! u met an awesome group!


Thanks girl <3

SteemBnB sounds like a fantastic idea! And this post is a great way to Advertise it. Well done 👏


Thank you :)

Wow i can stay there for a loooong time

I wish I was there.


Good news great idea and a shout out to @chicosonico. I'll have to start following @chicosonico now. Looks like great service there.

muchos exitos, felicitaciones

Hey mrs.steemit !!
its awesome.............. nice to know about . i really like the post. waiting for the next.keep it up.

Nice review and photos there Mrs.steemit! I also enjoy booking through airbnb since you can befriend the host and some of the locals. Looking forward for your future reviews. Nice job! :)


Thanks! SteemBnB is even better, you meet local Steemians ^^

Cool Stuff, a Bed and Breakfast that is STEEM-Powered?


YES! Thanks for supporting :)

Foods looks very yummy :)


So good! The sweet potato spaghetti were the best

I didn't know about steembnb, nice news!I think it might work!
Original idea!Congratulations @chicosonico!


this steemians travel thing may be a great idea and experience as well I'm all for it

Amazing food!

Nice post :)

Woww what an experience!

Great post and you're doing a great job here!

Wow looks awesome and amazing.

It's steemit history in the making awesome!

Thanks for sharing : )

Great pics.

wow going with steembnb next time i travel

Looks great , peaceful , and beautiful

This is awesome. More of this! I would for sure rent a place if I could with STEEM!

Brilliant idea

Beautiful post with yummy foods by a beautiful person !

Upvoted !

Barcelona looks beautiful hope to visit there someday.

Thanks for sharing

Wooowwww .....its wonderfull....I can stay for long time here....

food looks yummy :)

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This is 5 star treatment. I'll kill for this view :)

Great post!

upvoted and follow my friend ...... if you want support me too as i am new here but i am a good photographer check my travel to Iceland, thank you

Just the beginning, hopefully use Steem to buy many things

In a few weeks i will move to Barcelona :D Look like a fun place to live.

Barcelonaa bebyyy

This is awesome: first 'SteemBnB', and paying in STEEM!!! How can we roll this out to the rest of the world?!😄


Resteem @chicosonico 's latest post!


Done! :)


We need to roll it out.

Nice place

And we have already a platform for that airbnb alternative where you can pay in crypto

Wow interesting.

grEat article

I like your your post! thanks for sharing @mrs.steemit UPVOTED

I love Barcelona

I think this is a great idea and I hope it will work. This will make travelling more interesting and personal because you get to meet fellow steemians. Glad you are enjoying your stay.

Great post. We usually only stay in AirBnBs for the same reason. Meeting locals and feeling like you are a part of that specific area. I think you get to know the city better than staying in a hotel. :-)

steembnb! That looks like a nice getaway. I am glad to be following you!

Amazingly cool. Want to feel the streets to barcelona. What you tell and show really cool. I want to go there with you and enjoy the beauty of barcelona that I usually only see on television. Thanks cool post. I wait for the latest surprise from you @mrs.steemit

Interesting post, The food also looks delicious

Amazing. The house. The food. The concept. What a great experience.


Greetings @mrs.steemit !
Ur living the life indeed!
I found this post to be a great post and valuable to our Steemit community!
I just posted a new episode of ~(~Q2C2~)~ and featured your post in hopes to advertise it and bring in more support! You deserve it!
Keep up the great work!
You can check it out here here if you like.

Good review.

Excellent sticker
Even the food has a fantastic view

Wow.. Such a nice post. Though, i am new here on steemit , there is one things i have notice about steemians.. U guys are great article writers. I wish my article can be as captivating as ur own... But i know , i wull get there soon.

Wow...Steemit is just disrupting everyone's business model. I freakin' love it.

  ·  3년 전

wow......very -very good...

My life sucks

nice place and photos

Best patatas bravas in Barcelona. Go early, it gets packed!

As usual, you put out another good post. It looks and sounds like you are having fun.
I am doing a video guide for new people on Steemit, I used a screen shot of your blog page in my video, I give you credit in my post here,
Have fun and be safe.

It is good that your experience went so well considering this was an untested idea. I understand your difficulty in finding a place to stay in Barcelona as I visited there in March during my quarter abroad in Spain and struggled to find a place to stay. Evidently it was during Semana Santa, which is obviously very busy but it was still almost impossible to find a place to stay. Hopefully SteemBNB works out well to get help fellow Steemians to travel.

Additionally, I have always been curious to how the Steemit meetups have been organized as I tend to see the results of the meetups but not the planning ahead for them. How does one organize a meetup?

Very good your post...

Superb! How I wish I can travel to Barcelona. I enjoy reading your post. Great job!

It's a cute, cozy room!

A Meetup in Barcelona? I always get the news late! :'(

Next time maybe :/ :\ :/ :\

very good article, and this sounds great, as you said many times the hotels are full, especially when i go to conventions around the world. Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure

Good news and great idea .following Looks like great service there.
upvote and resteem.

very good post, thanks for sharing this great journey!! I want to make seambnb in Sofia, Bulgaria :) Please UPVOTE and FOLLOW me, as i've now done the same for you, thanks!

Really great idea! Should have known about this earlier... I'll be in Barcelona from September on and just booked a room for 5 months... maybe I come back to it! Is there a bigger group of Steemers in Barcelona? :)

Great post it´s allways good to know about this things!
Im following you !
Resteeming this to my followers. Hope it helps a little.

Beautiful! This looks like a great place to go!:) Please check my little journey that I made soon. I hope you enjoy my photos. @nakedchef89

traveling is greatttttt ! sounds interesting ,, upvoted @mrs.steemit

Very Nice Post
I like this Photography,
Thanks For Sharing
Vote Me back please
Thank you

Get acquainted with my friend of @putopelatudo

Af! Beautifull woman.!

this is really great. nice post @mrs.steemit

Let me follow you @ mrs.steemit, I hope the opposite

This is sooooo awesome! I want to get involved. followed you for future insights :)

aloha from hawaii,
volcano inn

Such a great idea! Need to keep this in mind for my next Euro trip!

Well done to all parties involved in this innovative and social idea.

  ·  3년 전

Really nice to see Steemit near to me!
Anyone interested in a BCN Steemit Meeting??? :d

Thanks for sharing. This may inspire to create a Steem Meetup in New York.