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My age and experiences have conditioned me for caution and a bit of circumspection. I'm neither quick to believe nor in a hurry to dismiss any piece of information.
In my actions, I want to achieve a median between haste and delay. That midpoint is called promptitude. I have read all manner of expositions for and against the 5G technology. Some technological and scientific near illiterates like me have also joined the fray by flying with other people's opinions. If it's not your area, you may need to expend some efforts and invest a little time in the collation of several studies and viewpoints before arriving at an informed conclusion. This is more so if the subject has to do with health and life. Nothing should be accepted or dismissed in a hurry. I have also learnt that the fact that it's logical doesn't necessarily mean it's correct. For instance, the logical progression from 1G to 4G without much harm to human health may not automatically mean 5G is as healthy and harmless. Some of the pro 5G commentators are quick to describe members of the opposing camp as ignorant and superstitious.
Much as I don't endorse fear mongering, I don't think name calling is appropriate while discussing such a sensitive matter. Those who hold contrary views have to be enlightened on the superiority of the opposing viewpoints.
After all, all of us are very knowledgeable in some areas and absolute ignoramuses in other equally important areas. In any case, only God and time will tell whether any of the camps was absolutely right and the other absolutely wrong. For now, I have nothing against the 5G technology and I'm not in a hurry to subscribe either. I don't think I will lose much if I wait to acquire more information before jumping at it.
For me, caution should be the word.

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