Steem.Chat Contest #100

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I didn’t think we’d make it this far even for a simple contest like this when I started it! 100 weeks is a fairly long period of time by any means. Thanks to everyone who supported it over the last two years that I've been running this contest and I'm glad people are continuing to participate in it.

Steem.Chat contest continues weekly. It's a simple contest to keep things moving forward. The price is affecting prizes, but we will keep this going. Nevertheless, please participate and tell your Steemian friends to join.

Please read the contest rules carefully before participating.

Anyone trying to game the contest with multiple-ids will be blacklisted from the chat platform henceforth. Participate with original entries in English only!

Contest #100

Let's get on with the 100th contest, and it’s straightforward. I hope this will encourage more people to log on to and participate. We’ll run this in the official contest channel on Steem.Chat.

Answer this question!

  1. 1 Entry per person.
  2. Select any random number between 1-100.
  3. I will use to select the numbers randomly. Five entries whose number matches the number generated by are chosen as winners.
  4. If your number is the same as someone else's, then the winner will be the one who posted that number first, so hurry up!
  5. Post a single comment in Channel with your entry.
  6. You have until Sunday or my announcement in the channel closing the contest (whichever is earlier).
  7. There will be five winners who will get 2 STEEM each.
  8. Multiple entries will lead to disqualification so kindly post a single comment in the chatroom!
  9. Contest will take place in Channel on Steemit.Chat.
  10. Please ensure your id is the same as your user-id. If they are different, please mention your id when participating with your comment. You will lose your prize if you don’t claim it before the next contest announcement. I cannot keep searching for the correct username to transfer the sbd/Steem. It’s your responsibility to participate with the correct username and claim within the specified timeframe.
    You are also welcome to drop more Steem.Chat contest ideas in this post comments or DM me on Steem.Chat. It would help make things more interesting as we go forward.

Let contest #100 begin!

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You have given 100 weeks of yourself to the community and that is by far commendable. Thank you for all that you do and your impressive works. We need more of you. Happy 100th!

Has in he is just deferent from the rest in his own ways.
thanks you @firepower

Hello dear big brother!

Appreciate your positive mindset and effort to bring value in steemit blockchain..
In Leh's(Laddakh) snowy plains my warmest congratulation for reaching a milestone of 100 contest. Surely you are helding great contest in which lots of people participating and winning steem...
Thank you very much...Much love from India..

Congrats @firepower for 100th week and I had chosen mine number