Steem.Chat Contest #30 Winners Announcement

3년 전

The 30th contest was about answering a simple question, If you could clone yourself what would you have your clone do? How would you spend your time differently? There were some interesting entries and I hope we will continue to see interesting responses to the weekly contest and greater number of participants as well.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #30:

  1. @abduloniz - Here is my entry for contest 30. I want my clone to do comedy entertainment so that people can laugh, and forget there pain at least for as many hours as possible. In my own opinion. this is also a natural medicine that ease and comfort the soul, mind and body. And will want this unique comedy to carry along all kind of human race.
    I want to spend my time helping as many people as possible, either by financial resource, spending a lot of time with the less privileged and also providing my valuable property to those who can not afford them.

  2. @feebie - This is my entry for contest #30. If i had a clone I would make my clone go on buisness trips for me and attend long meetings so that i can have enough time with my daughter because lately my work has placed a gap between myself and my family and it would Be great knowing i can work and spend time with My family at the same time.

  3. @awhsarada - Well, If could clone myself, I will have her doing all of my house work. Ever since I remember, I have spent a lot of time cleaning, washing and even painting. I am a college student and because of house work, I've lost so much time that I could have use to study a little more or rest due to the big works college has for me. I don't you guys, but I can't study with a dirty house, it stress me so much. Because of this, I will use the new time I've got studying more in order to finish college tasks sooner and gradute faster since I don't have to worry for dirty clothes or messy bedrooms, plus, I will also have some time for myself that I can spent with my family and my friends since thanks to my clone I finish stuff early.

  4. @ross-early - If I could clone myself I would have my clone do all of the remedial task that life requires. Things like making something to eat, cleaning the house, and running errands. That would leave all the extra time for me to do only things I truly love. Things like photography, traveling, playing sports, and spending time with my daughter. ```
    That makes me begin to wonder if my clone would then grow into a depressed state. If he is the direct copy of myself then he wouldn't enjoy doing any of those things either. Not sure how I feel about that as a think a little piece of me wouldn't want to put even a clone through that kind of torture. So at the end of the day maybe a clone isn't for me. I'm better off with a robot!

Congratulations on winning 5 SBDs each! It will be sent to you soon!

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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how differently people can react in or think in the same situation can be understood from here. I have seen here three different thought from four participants.... nice work.

Great question. I wish I had seen this post for the contest. Will be looking to participate in the new ones.

To be creative this would have been my answer. Have my clone slap the other version of myself when I complained, made an excuse, or did not take action on the most important things in my life. I can always hire people to do my admin work. :)

a contest that is very interesting and full of inspiration and unique expression unfortunately I missed this valuable information. but whatever it is I am very happy with the results of the contest

Thanks so much @firepower. Am honoured

This is really amazing,thanks for sharing

Thanks for the recognition!

Very nice decisions @firepower. Sure you do think from heart.

Bravo @firepower you really have fire in you and power too... Great to see an Indian trending on steemit.

Thank you so much