Steem.Chat Contest #44 Winners Announcement

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The 44th contest was about answering a simple question,"Has your family helped you pursue your passion? If yes, how did they support you? and if no, what did they say or do to stop you?" in the official chat contest channel.

Please share the weekly contest which begins every Monday with your friends so they can also participate in it and stand a chance to win some cryptocurrency.

My suggestion to all future participants: Keep your responses brief and to the point. Please do not deviate far from the subject or give multiple response if only 1 was required. This will improve your chances at winning.

There were some highly compelling responses to the contest and I’m pleased to share the winners with everyone. I’m glad you guys took the time to share stories from your lives and used Steem.Chat to do so. I’ve made it into the top 50 witnesses for the Steem blockchain recently. Therefore there’s a slight change for the winner announcement for this post. I’m including a few more winners than I initially planned so I can give away some STEEM.

Let’s get on with this.

Congratulations to these Steemians who won Contest #44:

  1. @sathyasankar - I would say without giving a second thought that my parents had never supported me to pursue my real passion. I wanted to shine through agriculture as I loved that field enormously. Ironically, I happened to be a studious student in the class that ended up getting 1000+ marks in class plus two! Being a son of an illiterate daily wage labourer and getting this kind of good marks throughout schooling was perceived to be an act of brilliance by those around us. They adviced my parents to send me to higher education after taking a hefty loan from the bank. My parents were left with no option but to send me to 4 year long engineering course. I tried my level best to convey them of my reluctance towards engineering but they were nowhere near to listen my pleading! I lost my interest towards everything and performed pathetically in my studies. To this date, I haven't gotten a good job despite investing so much time and money. I'm damn sure I would have been in a great success had I been allowed to go ahead with my passion, ie agriculture. But again I won't blame my parents because they didn't know what to do and were highly optimistic about their son. Anyway, now I have started to believe in myself and am able to see some ray of hopes coming my way!

  2. @himalayanwomb - After passing from college, I started a private job from 2009. Every morning I got out to office at 7a.m. and came back at 7 in the evening. like every parent, my family was also happy that I am happy by doing job. But inside I was not happy because at the age of 21, I realized that I am in love with mountains. After all, in 2013, I told my family to leave the job and move to the mountains. I feared that my parents would not respect my decision but they surprised me with this saying that "life is yours, do it whatever you want to do, if you tell us before, we will never let you work". After their support I have moved to mountains, done basic and advance mountaineering course, about 2000 km of trekking in 533 days, including two mountain peaks of 6000 meters, Manali-Leh and Delhi-Kanyakumari self supported cycling expeditions. My family has been with me in all these trips, now I am 32 and now my family wants me to marry and take my journey to the next level. I hope such a family is a blessing by God on earth.

  3. @amar15 - I would like to give you answer on my own experience. I am not sure that my Family is supporting my passion but I know one thing that they just want a bright & secure future for me. When I completed my 12th, I wanted to prepare for IIT entrance examination but I was not able to do that because I belong a lower middle class family and my father is a hawker and he is the bread earner of my family. My father & My brother forced me to go for SSC preparation and get job within 3 years because after 3 years my father will not be able to work. But honestly speaking I don't had any interest in SSC that's why I convinced my father please let me do any 3 year course after that I will do job. Now, I am in 2nd-year of BCA but sometime I feel bad because I am not working on my father's wish which was SSC but I am working for him so that I can give him a better and peaceful future. Nowadays, When I talked with him I really feel very happy and I hope I will prove myself that My decision of not joining SSC job was right and I also promised myself to get a appointment letter of SSC Job for my father.

  4. @zaxan - No, from the beginning I wanted to study arts, they never understood it, they said that it is better to be an "oil engineer", time went by I grew and the vocation for mathematics was strictly obligatory. When leaving high school I went through different faces: engineering, administration, computer science. None of them worked, I felt empty and my family said it was useless, in the last case I was forced to stay in the races and I intentionally failed to escape. I decided to travel around the country, to know the world, new people, I saw how impressive it could be to believe in yourself (maybe it was what happened to me, I didn't trust myself), and after that I decided to study arts, specifically cinema. Why? Music, literature, design and imagination, everything was conglomerated in a space in which I could create a new universe.
    Today I feel proud to be in the artistic milieu and in the world of cinema and I know that in the future I will be a great author in Venezuelan and world cinema. As for my family, they have realized that I am good at what I do and maybe they support me just a little more than before. You just have to believe in yourself and understand that you can't live your family's frustrated dreams but rather pursue your own dreams.

  5. @itravelarts - My parents are my greatest supporter and inspiration- 15 years back, I got a good rank in IIT and when everyone was celebrating, I dropped the bomb to join design, and this was when every parent wants their kid to be either engineer or a doctor, but I was supported to pursue my passion of being a designer. 2 years back, when all my relatives and "well-wishers" were looking for my match (for marriage) and were getting worried, my parents supported me to go abroad and study further and live my life to the fullest. I am just glad they believe in me and have been always there for me.I owe them everything. Thanks for reminding me how special they are.

  6. @omarbalzar - If I must name someone who has always supported me, it is my father. In my dream of being a professional soccer player (soccer) I have had to abandon my career little by little, but he has always been there to support me, in every match and training he has been to encourage me unconditionally. Also in my medical career, since I was a child I always said that I wanted to study it and from that same day my father said if it was my dream he would always help me to achieve it, since then until now he has been present in any need I have and see that they are many in this university career. I really could not have a better father than the one I have, he always trusts that I can achieve any goal I set for myself.

  7. @dijin - I will not say that my parents stopped me from pursuing my passion it was the financial situation because of that I couldn't able to do my engineering but then I decided to become a teacher and I got a job in bihar which was away from my hometown. My mother never stopped me from going to bihar. Even though I speak with her often I could visit her once in a year. I use to share all my happy moments and problems with her. she use to give many advices and solutions for my problems only because of that I'm in a good position today. she never asked me to leave my job and come there, she understands me very well. Not only that I'm planning to start a school in bihar she was happy hearing that and she always believe that I will win. Near or far I will always say my mom was the great support for my carrier in all stages of my life.

  8. @abdulazizganiyu - I may not have much to say but without my parents I wouldn't be where I am today, a degree in computer science is a dream come true, though I didn't come from much but my parents are always there to support, encourage and push me towards my goals, I owe everything I am today to them. Thanks Dad

  9. @ayushjalan - I've always wanted to pursue music and art as a career, but I never really got any support from my parents until now. Even though my dad still doesn't support the idea of making music for money, my mom did recently helped me get into learning how to play a guitar, which I'll forever be grateful for. I know it's not much, but it's still a significant start for me. I can't blame my dad for thinking the way he does because he's been fed the same idea as his parents. But I hope that with time, he can see all the reasons why I want to make music so badly.

  10. @awhsarada - I have the good fortune to say yes, especially my mother. She supports me in one of the best possible ways, studying with me even late into the night for my college exams. She has sat with me a lot of times to help me understand all kinds of subjects (math as far as possible) even if it was the first time she had read about something on the subject. Thanks to her I managed to get ahead when I was about to give up.

  11. @thot2word - Well, I would say yes and no. I guess they are a bit conflicted in their support. To cut the long story short, I always wanted to be a doctor from when I was younger but they didn't think I could handle it and they kept reminding me that it's tough. Growing up further, I developed a passion for psychology but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't go for it. I ended up picking the form for medicine instead. At first, there was a little bit of hostility from my family but as time went on, and I didn't drop out of school, they began to pay attention to me. Sending me money when I needed, giving me fees and money for books immediately I asked for it, understanding my decision to stay in school so I could concentrate on my studies. Sincerely, I couldn't ask for more at this point. They are a blessing.

Congratulations on winning 4 STEEM each! It will be sent to you soon!

Stay tuned for the next contest announcement.

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hay @firepower i just now came to know about your contest so whats the process of joining the future contest?


I run new contest every monday. You can see the rules in the last one to get an idea.


yup buddy just now i have read your post about the contest .

I have one question that as you have such huge steem power so as i think most of them are bought by you or not ?? because even i am trying to figure out everything about steemit and thinking to collect as much steem power as i can though it by investing or by getting upvotes, and lastly i am really gona vote for your witness #supportfromIndia


I've bought a lot of STEEM using Bitcoin that I had and powered up into SP as well as earned quite a lot of it from participating on the platform. Overall I'm very positive about the growth of the tech and the currency. I hope we can make that happen.

Thanks a lot, @firepower.
You are running really a great initiative to support fellow steemians.
I really proud of you.

Congratulations to the winners,,,,@firepower, you are indeed a great job here

Congratulations for reaching a spot in top 50! You are indeed a great example of how a steemian should be

First of all congrats to you bro for making it into top 50. I saw it on the other day and gave a brief lecture on it to my roommate @dijin, who is also here in the list of winners.

I'm really happy to have been able to write something deep down from my heart after a long time in the form of participating in this contest. Congrats to all for winning this!

@firepower you rock! <3 Love and i will sup your witness project.