Report on Sc-n Meetup

10개월 전

It was a success and Parishioners came from far and wide to attend the meetup.


We had different Parishioners from Lagos State and Oyo State.
Ibadan, Oyo State representative: @benie111 also known as @ssonia on Steemit coordinated the Event.


Lagos State representative: @esttyb led the opening prayer.She talked about the need for parishioners to come together to solve problems and create solutions.



After which everyone present introduced themselves.

I talked about the need for Parishioners to be an active part of Steemchurch telos village and it's importance to us as the Steemchurch community and I showed them how to register for Steemchurch Telos and they all registered and they are awaiting confirmation of their Telos accounts.

A new Steemian @simistar also registered for Steemchurch Telos as simistar.jc


More details coming soon.
Kindly follow @sc-n for updates.

With love from Adedoyinwealth

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Excellent my beautiful sister @adedoyinwealth, attentive to everything we do in our communities through Steemchurch, you look great.
With love,

It was lovely seeing you. More success and relevant outcomes.

It was nice and fun as well.... Most importantly we were able to enlightened ourselves a bit more on blockchain.
Thanks for hosting.

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