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Hello to all the community of @steemchurch, I miss them a lot, because of the difficult situation that my country presents, I went to work in Peru, believing that I would find easy work, but the truth is that it is not easy to be away from my family, especially from My daughters in their country where I do not know anyone.

My journey through Peru was not easy, but I managed to raise some money and decided to continue fighting for my country and near my daughters that I love so much!

So here I am in my beloved VENEZUELA, country where God planted me and not by chance, it is incredible everything that has to happen when we do not obey the commands of God, I went through despair and did not achieve anything, I already have a week that I arrived and I already got work !!!


So now I hope to make publications, the truth is that steemchurch helps a lot with my devotional life!

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God directs our destiny and knows what is best for us, welcome to the Angelica community. We are praying for Venezuela and the world in general.

Resteem by: EC



So is!! God guides us to all truth! Greetings, happy to read you!

We mice are glad you are back where you belong Angelicarame.

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thank my beloved mice to you I also miss them!